Meet The Charles Martel! Tier 7 French Cruiser (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Yo spartan wanna division up some time I have cross platform I’m on ps4

  2. Good Mythical Kentucky

    I’ve been looking forward to this

  3. Let’s go

  4. Been wating for this one

  5. Jacen Dex Productions

    My favourite T7 cruiser, been waiting for this one a while, boooooh yaaaahh 💥🔥

  6. Yup, been waiting for this one too. Gonna be interesting to see the Commander build AND how you play it 🧐😅

  7. Yes!!!!!! Finally

  8. Yet again some more quality content from good ole Spartan 🤟🏻🤟🏻

  9. Weird thought I heard sarg saying “take them out” luckily lethal force wasn’t authorized

  10. jeff Favignano Five-PD

  11. Remember to move the decimal place! In this example 55 calibers long would be 5.5 times the length of the projectile being fired not 55👍 but hell yea been waiting for this video for a while!

  12. I was late to
    the premier 🙁 Edit: I kinda wanna see a hipper video :l

  13. Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest

    I really want to end up in the same team with you but I’m also scared that you’ll probably get mad at me and my Bismarck’s drunk crew.

  14. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    “You all shall be purged equally!” – Saint Louis, Azur Lane

  15. Just him shitting on the legendaries at the end screen 😂

  16. This is my favorite cruiser, French AP OP!

  17. I’ve been playing this game for 1 month now. And without you I was still a noob and now I’m better than I ever would been. So thank you so much

  18. Spartan is such a dummy when it comes to remembering things

  19. 3 of my mates were in ur game same team titanic division 😁

  20. The Real Honey Badger

    Your baiting was masterful. Some might even say you were a master baiter…

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