Meet The Conqueror Rental Legendary British Battleship (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. who disliked it before it started 😂
    what a headass

  2. why the man gotta dislike it before it even started lol😂

  3. played right this ship is hard as nails….

  4. Conquerer : the ship known to have HE that hits like AP

    • Yes, and thw heal that has the potential to heal 60 k health?

    • Just wait till they add Minotaur that things healing is broken

    • @Nine_Tail_Kaga pray that they stop giving EVERY Legendary Cruiser 32-mm Battleship Quality Bow and Stern armoring …. there is NO reason Worcester should have that kind of armor, and I shudder to think of them doing the same to Minotaur, Zao, or other titans of Tier-10 on PC …

  5. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    If you like Conqueror then you will love Georgia and Thunderer

  6. By the way Spartan, just a little heads up. We pronounce Worcester as Wuss ster not whoo ster here in the UK.

  7. The other ship with 18 inch guns is the thunderer

  8. Spartan, the thunderer is the ship with the 457mm guns, not the conqueror

    • Yeah – WG split them into the Conqueror and the Thunderer – cause original Conq was going to have the option to switch between the two gun types, but hardly anyone actually ever took the 457’s — cause of how awesome the 419’s are, with their HE DPM and such. So they eventually made them two different ships – but they never updated the wording in the description, haha

    • He’s an idiot. He just tries to copy jingles.

    • Who is an idiot? I sure hope you aren’t saying Spartan is one

    • He just couldn’t remember what ship had the 457 mm guns, that doesn’t mean he is an idiot or trying to copy the mighty Jingles.

    • @Connor Trivette when someone blacklists you for no reason I think idiot is kind.

  9. Complete Randomness

    The dude who disliked the video was probably the gearing that spartan pressed DELETE on XD

  10. it’s the Thunderer with 457mm guns. 4 X 2 setup. Twin turrets. Hits even harder but, Doesn’t have the super heal. I’m on PC now and it’s not fun to go against lol love the videos as always!

  11. Conquerer has a 3D printer onboard that reprints the ship😂

  12. I still dont have a legendary ship yet. Been playing since may

  13. i will prepare to put gasoline all over the decks so when i inevitably get set on fire at least it will be quick

  14. Im buying the lenin first befor i rent any ships.
    Lenin stays, rentals are, well.. rentals.
    Im just over 4k coins away from getting the lenin.
    I have been playing the crap out of the massachussets (hope i spelled that correctly) ive been deleting cruisers and hitting battleships for half their health. Its a beast.
    Finnished that event too.
    Now i need to play legendaries to finnish that last event.
    When i rent a ship it will be this one.
    Hope they put it in the game first over the other rentals.
    Also im curious about the duke of yorck.
    I thought the new project was how to get it. Sadly not.

    Great game as always spartan.
    You’re the first ive seen playing this ship not begging to be deleted 😂

    Also.. yami is still the best legendary.
    Kurfurst doesnt come close to it.

  15. Atlanta: Gets spotted By Conquer
    Conquer: Fires Ap shells
    Atlanta:Dead turned into scrap😗

  16. I’m wondering if the caliber discrepancy between what the ship has stock and what the overview of the ship says is a hint that the full release Conqueror is able to up-gun its main battery like G. Kurfürst is able to? That’d be a neat mechanic to see I think.

    Over all I like the rentals from what I’ve seen, but I’m going to still keep to my original plan to get enough ice breaker coins to get the commendation mission and maybe take a shot at getting the Lennin.

  17. I would say this ship is *kinda* too strong vs the other legendaries. Yamato IMO doesn’t really count, since the overmatching guns aren’t ever being power crept. But I feel like Conquerer should have maybe a longer reload and a longer cool down on the heal. Other than that, I love the ship to bits.

  18. I sincerely hope this thing & Thunderer if/when that gets added aren’t as oppressive as they were on Pc.

  19. Oh lord help me hold back on potato’s.. now the conqueror is here I am unstoppable.. and so are you;)

  20. I feel like the next American Legendary could be the Montana Class battleships.

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