Meet The Courbet! Tier 3 French Battleship! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Cant wait to see spartan use the nassau.

  2. Adding a unique “white flag” signal flag will boost its speed while reversing!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of these baguette battleships.

  3. I hate it when that happens in my Hipper ;(

  4. You gotta stop dumping on my British battleships man it hurts

  5. Thank you , a really good friend of mine uses this ship and I always wanted to see how she is since I usually use my texas .

  6. Whats the best french bbaguette commander?

  7. Eh, a video on my birthday and it’s a ship I wanted to see, thanks boss man. Also I wanted to know how you feel about the Vanguard in its current state considering it’s been buffed in almost every update.

  8. 8:09 in it looked like a flaming meteor about to hit that destroyer lmao

  9. I don’t think playing “low Tiers” in this game is seal clubbing at this point. They keep releasing new ship lines so experienced players are playing low Tiers all the time. I’m taking my time grinding lines on this game. I’m only on the Tier 4 German cruiser, and haven’t even start the French ships yet.

  10. “Oh God, it’s one of *those* teams…” ? so true!

  11. Generic Asian #68301648

    I didn’t like the French line at all but I’ll be using that French commander on Cunningham.

  12. Courbet, sounds like a dessert.

  13. Got my first Kraken in her ?… does that sound rude? ???

  14. The tier seven French BB has 15 in guns. I use megalomania on Robert, pretty risky but fun little perk!


  15. I just unlocked this ship like 2 days ago.

  16. Spartan- how are you firing your main gun as be complete salvo? Every time I fire it rotates around the firing order.

  17. LMAOOO the omaha segment is hilarious!

    Its so difficult to not get salty.

  18. Wait till the Lyon it’s an absolute beast

  19. Surprised at that Arkansas… generally tend to be experienced players, especially if it’s the FE version…. though I have to shamelessly admit, playing t3 matches is deeply satisfying sometimes. One shotting cruisers never gets old, lol

  20. I tried playing this death trap on water. Unless you have Cunningham to at least Tier 11, you’re slinging shells to the next county instead of across the street.

    • Lol yeah even with a full dispersion build you occasionally get those “shotgun” salvos that seem to pepper everything except what you’re shooting at

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