Meet The Daring! Legendary British Destroyer (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. 11.5% fire chance on a destroyer??? oh god fires galore

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself Spartan. That match was a point difference and you had a ton of pressure on yourself. Can’t blame you for trying to secure more points. If that Schlieffen didn’t have anymore damage controls I think you’d have secure a comfortable points lead. We are all guilty of panic plays. I’d put far more blame on your team who decided to charge forward on presumably low health against three healthy, entrenched enemies

  3. Love the humility ♥️👍. I have been in that situation a couple if times myself

  4. Where RU A A RON

    Much more respectable to admit mistakes, Great vid

  5. The perk that only allows you to have 3 fires is called firefighter

  6. StickMasterCaleb 32

    I Main Philip Vian only on my Daring, It Works for me.

  7. British destroyers are one of my favourites.

  8. Daring is one of the few DD’s I actually like. Although I do not have Grotmaz. And BTW Grotmaz is NOT in the store currently. I’m currently using the pirate commander Ariadne M. Davis. I only get an 8% fire chance and my reload is 3 seconds rather than 2.8 but I get slightly better AA. Also instead of “rather be torching” I run “unstoppable” Otherwise very similar builds. For me, I’ve only found 2 DD’s that I like enough to play. Funny that they are both LT DD’s. Daring and Gearing. But Daring is absolutely a great DD to play.

    OH, sorry, I guess Grotmaz IS available but ONLY on Xbox. Playstation players get the middle finger from WG.

  9. Quarterpoundering Ur mom

    Why didnt you go for single fire torps on the republic would have been better in the gap

  10. No other commanders than the Orc can make the Daring a fire spammer?

    I’m gonna have to look at my Brit captains and see about that…..Even if I need to put a cruiser skipper in one of my DD’s I’m gonna figure this out.

  11. Vian is very much viable on daring. Don’t sell him short. My personal dmg record is 220k with Vian.

  12. Love the vids and the solid info. Only change I’d ask for is to not spoil the match before it even starts 😅 slow the commentary down a bit and cover what is actively happening instead of what’s about to happen

  13. The Daring to me is the best DD at legendary tier, even without grotmaz I can still consistently set fires.

  14. Anyone realize the description of the ship says it has 114mm guns when it has 113mm

  15. Btw, why are you using full sets of torpedos instead of single shots? There were enough opportunities to hit some ships when you reloaded or sent both sets together. The perfect gunboats skill, aiming. In the end, not much is possible to do: 3 ships could sink the boat in a moment.

  16. GG Spartan. But i disagree you dont like the Daring without this commander. For me its the best DD in the legendary tier. Its just so good in everything, and i use Vian with Rather Be Torching skill

  17. Au contraire mon frére, the daring is fantastically good fun using just philip vian and arguably the best dd in the game

  18. Spartan. At some point you should ask Wargaming if they would make you a flag. You’ve got to be one of there biggest CC’s for legends side of the house. They could even do something along the lines of what Call of duty does and let players purchase it and you get a little kick back for it. Everyone wins. We get to support our favorite streamer and wargaming makes some money too.

  19. Great match Spartan I been using this commander again great match 😎

  20. With Daring and Lightning you have to wait a second longer before firing. You were consistently firing too early and getting spotted unnecessarily. Also, learn how to use the narrow torp spread through those tight gaps!

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