Meet The Duke of York! Tier 6 British Battleship (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Hey spartan! I really really love watching your videos, they are so entertaining… and you are also really consistent which is amazing!

  2. Oh dam some good timing😂

  3. Spartan, with this the title should’ve been “meet the King George Vl.”

    • @Lord Baguette why? It is a King George V class

    • @Connor O’Neill I’m saying it as a joke because WG added another KGV class ship so I called it KGVl instead of KGV.

    • @Lord Baguette I mean, doesn’t really make sense I’ll be honest with you, if you notice, the tech tree ships are all classes of ship, the premiums are all specific ships that are historically known for one thing or another

    • @Connor O’Neill yes I understand that and the Duke of York is a KGV class ship but the joke is that WG added another KGV into the game so I called it KGVl because 6 comes after 5. Also I’m not trying to say KGVl is historical, because it was never a thing.

    • @Lord Baguette true enough

  4. That is the best feeling when you delete a DD that got too close

    • @Spartan Elite43 I have not gone through the british line yet but japense he smacks I removed a yaduchi with my iowa using he. Have you ever got citidals with he before I don’t remember what ship I was using but had he loaded and got citidals

    • Exactly the best kind of feeling. I deleted a full health chapayev and Jarvis in one salvo each still died but the rush one gets was worth it.

    • @patrick bowles you can citadel things like the Omaha, danae and emerald anything with very little armour can still be citadelled with HE from a BB if you hit right

    • @leo de salis that is probly what I was shooting at it happened awhile ago and makes sense

    • @patrick bowles Orion and Iron Duke can citadel low tier cruisers with ease with HE. Has just enough penetration because of the lack of armor. Also, you can removed DD’s with AP with one salvo. My California removed a fubuki who angled to launch torps and he went back to port by a dev strike.

  5. That was a paddaling

  6. Gotta love this ice camo

  7. Hey Spartan. I was in a game with you last night. I was the Atlanta that kept lighting you up lol

  8. King George V class HE is just insane

  9. I was the Scharnhorst that pushed down in between the two islands 😂😂 ofc the game I get with you I meme gg spartan

  10. Brit battleships once again! (As always love the content Spartan!👍😁😁)

  11. I love how you compare everything to the Iowa

  12. I got in a match with you yesterday. My buddy was fighting you in his Poltava.

  13. I was I one of those “iffy” games last night in an Atlanta B, GG Spartan

  14. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    “All ye, weep at your own demise!” – Duke of York, Azur Lane

  15. I catadeled a BB with HE from Nelson the other day. It was great.

  16. We haven’t gotten an Iowa video from you in a while. Would like to see one again soon.

  17. Hey Spartan, love your stuff… set a new personal record in my yammy the other day (260k). Only one kill though. Lost the game 🤬

  18. Had the same problem trying to get some decent replays games either too short winning or decent game but the team gets wiped GG

  19. Me: I’m not buying a ship that’s already on the Tech tree
    Wargaming: But it’s from your country
    Me: Alright I’ll take 5 of them

  20. That dd player was either drunk or an eight yr old player on his brothers account.

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