Meet The Dunkerque! Tier 5 French Battleship! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Nice, been waiting for this. She’s a strange looking one! Definitely a cruiser hunter

  2. Your a great YouTuber

  3. Heck yeah!!! Love this one!

  4. The reason the majority of the secondaries are in the back is so that you can still shoot while focusing on running away

  5. Thanks for the vids, learning lots and appreciate it!

  6. Richelieu and Jean Bart will be this ship on steroids.

    • @tamenga88 Hope so, I had a BB commander waiting to take command of the ship soon as I laid down the gold and she got to port yet i was sort of -meh about the ship. I had a turret knocked out one game and it was ugly for one thing.

  7. Haven’t even played the new update, waiting for my Bismarck ??

  8. That Texas wasn’t playing around. Gg Spartan, Dunkerque looks good.

  9. I do have Bobby J at lvl.11 on this ship

  10. Hey spartan!!!!!! Guess what? I got a 232,480 damage game!!!!!!!!!! It was in my Iowa, had 6 kills, 12 citadels and other crap. But holy I’m so happy.

  11. yo spartan you ever consider making anf posting stream highlights?

  12. Oh use this with a survival/speed/reload build.

  13. Played against you last night bro was in the bayern man you were the only one pushing ? and I think u went out first but you still got the highest score on your team was great to actually see you in game ? keep up the good work! Have a great weekend

    • Yeah I saw all the cruisers and was salivating! I was crushing your team over 80k damage that fast.

      The problem was the 1 dd as I used the island for cover he jumped out on me and while I dodged most of his single fire torps he ended up killing me but I took 2/3 of his health too.

  14. I was gonna get this but I went with Arizona instead

  15. Love you’re videos dude you’re amazing 🙂 been playing for over a week

  16. I have the french dispersion captain and he makes it a lot better, plus his base trait makes it easier to citadel other battleships because of the increased penetration power.

  17. It wasn’t a new mexico it was the new York XD

  18. You make this thing look desirable lol. Of all the premium battleships, where does Dunkerque rank for you? Still hesitant on buying it

  19. Looks good Spartan ? I sent you my best game results in My Iowa

  20. Its a cruiser killer that cant pen crusiers but citadels battleships all day long lol

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