Meet The Fiji! Tier 6 British Cruiser (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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Gameplay starts at 06:15

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  1. That was a good match ❤️

  2. I really want this ship now and I just unlocked the Baltimore and really loving that ship too.

    • Balti is fantastic

    • @Spartan Elite43 I’ve been playing on world of warships on pc here of lately and I cant help but wonder why they did both games so differently?

    • @Banner Joseph87 two different developers.

      Legends was made with the idea of less grinding easier lines, smaller maps and shorter firing ranges force more action.

    • @Spartan Elite43 I find even with the bigger maps with more players and longer ranges that there is plenty of action lol well at least at the lower tiers. I do think the 20km torps on pc is insane and couldn’t imagine that on legends.

  3. Fiji is amazing dds killer , that salvo on fletcher was nasty no other cruisers can do that in one salvo except maybe the Edinburgh.

  4. Blessed by RNJesus!!!

  5. Just wait till you get the Edinburgh… The British cruisers are amazing imo. The armor isnt the best, but the smoke and its armaments pay off. (Ps if you get the Edinburgh use the steering gears mod) the rudder shift time is horrendous! As always good video keep it up!

  6. Trust in the potatoe 😋🤣

    I quit the line at the leander may go back later & free xp the Fiji

    To make myself feel better I’ve been deleting British cruisers in my Indianapolis (never gets old) 😎

    • Lol be care as the Indianapolis thin armor can be ruined by that British ap

    • @Spartan Elite43 thay ain’t lived long anuff yet lol

    • The Fiji is a cruiser deleting machine but it blows up just as fast. At least 50 percent of my first shots are citadel hits. Whoever gets the first shot is going to win. It also is murder on destroyers. Battleships however? I can never get close enough to torpedo them and from distance it is the death by a 1000 pieces of chipped paint. Until they one shot you.

  7. Great showcasing of the HMS FIJI and they were some bold moves against tiers 7 BB 👍🏴‍☠️

  8. I got the dreadnought medal in the Fiji once

  9. I noticed a lot of people , myself included are getting their first kracken with the british line.

  10. Great video. Even better ship. With that concealment you can get in close and even use it to spot for your team if your flank is lacking a destroyer.

  11. Spartan! Why do you leave so many crates unopened?? My OCD is tingling. 😂

  12. When will “Meet the meme” come out?

  13. Spartan: This will be the only smoke screen I use this game

    5 mins later

    Spartan: uses smoke screen

  14. The whole no HE shell type on the british crusier line really makes me hate them. They also get deleted pretty easily. Speaking of which I had my all time favorite moment in the game so far the other day. I decided to do a ranked match in my New Mexico and a Pensacola was about 14km out full broadside and stationary while shooting at me. I generally don’t have very good luck with dispersion in my New Mexico but I figured I would take a shot. So I shot at the Pensacola and I one-shot him from full health for 32k health and 2-3 citadels lmao. He must have been angry especially since it was ranked.

    • Yeah, the only way you get dmg in RN is torping. Unless you get lucky and no bbs spot the enemy cruisers b4 you. They are entirely situational ships.
      I’m using hipper and it’s just amazing by contrast. Can land 32 hits and get 50k+ dmg on BBs from that plus you have 4x torp launchers. And it just deletes all cruisers and DDs. 1 volley deletes ijn us and rn cruisers with a bit of rng help. Only cruisers I haven’t deleted are french and kms. I’ve gone to to to with tirpits, jean bart, Bismarck and iowa to win the fight. Hipper can bow tank anything except vanguard.

    • I feel your pain with the NM dispersion. I had a bow tanking Pensa on Strait and you think my dispersion would give me a nice grouping to penetrate through the deck? It kept saying No. Also the Sigma is straight garbage

    • Caleb Turner Very true man the dispersion sucks even though I got sims and focused on a dispersion build. Not to mention the ship is slow as hell and turns like a snail lol

    • @Mr. Yolo this is why I liked emerald, it actually turned and its guns had rotation. The rest are slower than my Iowa.

    • hitlersmissingnut I just wish the guns were in double or triple turrets and the firing arc wasn’t so awkward when shooting the guns but other than that i have no problem with ship otherwise

  15. I got my second kraken with the emerald. Cant wait to use the higher tiers

    • The Leander is an Emerald–with twice the firepower. The Fiji is an Emerald–with thrice the firepower. They all blow up if you sneeze loudly though. Until then enemy cruisers beware.

  16. Yall need to stop asking for a jean bart nerf lol. She’s a 1 trick pony, and that 1 trick actually works. Unlike german battleships lol.

    • Lol but she also has insane side armor that I’ve bounced 16inch super heavy rounds off of with next to no angle.

      That and her AP is even more effective than 16inch shells. There has to be a compromise somewhere but there isnt. Which is why I usually just try to destroy their guns

    • @Spartan Elite43 i get citadeled a lot in the jean bart, but i actually fight lol. People may not want a nerf after the German battleships buff lol. Might need the jean bart to level the playing field lol.

  17. Totally agree about the minimum torp range. I thought they already had a minimum distance for them but I’ve seen a lot of instances lately where that just doesnt seem to be the case

  18. As always, great review and GG! Cheers

  19. Hey spartan you should revisit the Bismarck. It’s finally getting the armor fixed and I know you called it squishy In your “meet the” Bismarck video. I think it would be cool!

  20. GG, cheers for the review and gameplay. Fiji has a national “grog” called Kava, making this boat a nightclub cruising option. Peas love and bitter herbs, Johnno Bloke.

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