Meet The Fuso! Tier 5 Japanese Battleship! World of Warships Legends Xbox One X

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  1. Like your videos Spartan. Helps me with my game play.

  2. I love your videos man you’ve helped me so much I’m almost at tier 7 your tips have boosted my progress in this game I have gotten better because I you!

  3. Noice
    I see no camo again…you forgot or just dont like camo?

  4. Enjoy before nagato! Oh my! Accuracy is lacking but i don’t have a BB captain.

  5. How the holy hell

  6. Face the guns one way then angle the fuse then fire then bow tank

  7. I ran into you in a game it sucks I was against you :((((( but I love your videos and I love your personality it’s great don’t change a thing

  8. Good show as usual (:

  9. harddriver911911911

    I’m on ps4 so I don’t know your controller layout, with that being said. Theres a button to press to look around without turning your guns.

  10. Just got a day off work job got cancelled sitting back with a coffee enjoying this on a beautiful sunny day in Ireland……perfect.

  11. Matthew Knipple

    I don’t know if WoWS legends uses the same overmatch rule as the PC, but on PC the QE can overmatch the bow armor of BB’s one tier above it. If a ship overmatches the armor, then angling doesn’t matter as the shell ignores ricochet and automatically penetrates the armor.

  12. Remember Spartan, the real pros fire torpedoes at 16km out xD
    For real though my favorite thing about the Fuso is how you dont have to sit back and snipe. Having 6 turrets can suck at times but when theres a pesky little destroyer zig-zaggin towards you those 6 turrets turn a shotgun of a battleship into a marksman who never has to reload. Also the Japanese secondaries are pretty gnarly. I’ve killed ships I didnt even know were rushing me xD

    • Spartan Elite43

      Good Point just don’t like having to giv up so much of my side to fire enough rounds to hit the target

  13. Love my fuso! You can rain down a torrent of pain on people.

    Great content. Keep it up

    • Oh yea? Have you gone up against an Iowa with an excellent captain on the joystick? The Iowa is the best trust me. I consistently 1 shot full hp t6 battleships. If not more than half their health is gone

  14. Pfft! Wish I could do that in my fuso

  15. Preferable preferable preferable preferable:) nice video I enjoy watching them

  16. I sink the battleship you’re sailing with the Penscola all the time lol. Such an underated cruiser.

  17. I’m assuming you’ve never played the PC version of WoWs. If that is the case you can be forgiven for thinking at certain points you were broadside on but no. A 30-40 degree angle isn’t a broadside. It’s an autobounce zone.

  18. I still cant manage to citadel battleships 10+km away. Any pointers?

  19. Would love to see some aircraft carriers or submarines added to the game

  20. I got 12 citadels in one game lmao with a battle ship on two cruisers

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