Meet The Gneisenau! Tier 6 German Battleship (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Personally, I really love this thing. Doesn’t work all the time, burn when it does, it mows them down like a battering ram!

    • The Labor Peasant

      It’s not my favorite but I love the fact that it’s the opposite of the trend. Its NOT another bow tanking sniper. I love the fact that it’s meant to give the bird to all conventional thoughts on how to play a battleship

  2. Also for German bbs it’s not exactly citadel heaven it’s just since there’s so much armor u mostly get pens u can get the same amount of damage with a regular salvo that u get with a citadel

  3. I don't have a life

    i love german battleships i seem to get the most citadels in them then any other country

  4. I like this ship. I make it work and all. It’s also very pretty visually.

    • She’s very pretty indeed, she looks like a monster, but a beautiful one, in her own way.
      The Iowa is a beautiful ship, sleek and fast looking, but the Gneisenau and the other high tier German battleships just have a kind of beauty that no other ship has.

  5. This ship is one of my favorite ships in the game and has been for a very long time, and I run a full dispersion build lol! Also worth note, the Sharnhorst is my most played ship… That being said, I’m usually in a platoon, and 2 of these bad boys can wreck!

  6. I love this ship in fact I just finished the grind to the Bismarck.I had hipper as my commander and had a full dispersion build and fell in love with it I save the ship even when I got the Bismarck.You should try a full dispersion build keep your distance and toward the middle or end of the match take the ship and go hunting for the last enemy ships and bow tank everything.Use your torps as a deterrent to charging ships and have Andrew Cunningham and Charles Madden as your inspirations believe me the ship is way better if you do all of this

    • Totally agree, Spartan is off the mark with this one. It can still brawl with your mentioned build and is more accurate. Yes you lose the heals but nose on slightly angled she is tough. I never had an issue with it before the armour update. It was way better than the Bismarck, not quite as good as the scharnhorst but could hold its own.

  7. German battleships generally underperform in Legends because secondaries are so ineffective.

  8. Hey spartan what do you think of the Scharnhorst, personally it’s my favorite ship and it makes money really good it’s my most played and I call it old Tried and trusty I like mostly because of super fast turret traverses speed and it’s super Tankinis

  9. GG. G’day Gneisenau. Peas love and Johnno Bloke.

  10. How many times did you say “unfortunately” hahahhaha

  11. I absolutely love the Gneisenau, i’m always playing like a sniper in the American battleships but that don’t work in the Gneisenau so i play her like a brawler and an ambush predator. She’s one of the fastest at her tier and her acceleration is great so closing in on your enemies is not a problem at all, once you’re close you can absolutely blast the enemy with the guns and the torps. I kid you not she is such a troll, i citadelled an Iowa through the bow while aiming at a ship behind the Iowa😂 That’s ridiculous😂 I absolutely love her, you’d think that once you get to know the ship your shooting becomes better but oh boy that’s never going to happen, there’s only one way to hit people with the Gneisenau, get close! real close!😂 She is an absolute unit though, fast, decent maneuverability, very good armor and a lot of health.
    Battleships are a bit of a tough fight, and Destroyers are even worse, but cruisers? Cruisers are no match! They can outrun you but if you’re a smart captain you can anticipate their movement and mess them up real good!

  12. Spartan only the Bismarck was referred to by male suffix.

    Also the German naval guns were the most accurate in the world

  13. Spartan or anyone that loves Warships n has three minutes check out “Massacre of the warspite”

  14. He’s right, they are a lot faster than most battleships. even jean bart

  15. I take steering gear mod instead of acceleration. Find it’s quick enough already and becomes much more agile, for torps and swinging rear gun round.
    Actually enjoy playing it, but accuracy really isn’t great. 😁

  16. Man, most of the time you are aiming was to high. You could have used heal at the end instead of torping. But damn, you sure tanked about 2 mil. Dmg 😁 but i have to agree with you. The guns are crap….

  17. The german battleships are still crap they need more acuracy in both batteries (main and secondaries)

  18. That’s my most played ship. Iove it👌

  19. NERF master films

    the Russians are here I spent 5 million credits on Soviet crates
    and didn’t even get a Destroyer

  20. NERF master films

    the hood is indestructible I can’t destroy it destroyes me every time

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