Meet The Grosser Kurfurst! Legendary German Battleship (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. R.I.P Chadwick Boseman. Wakada Forever!

    • Armageddon armada

      Steven Quick there is one way I think can work so black panther 2 can carry on for e.g he’s on a spy mission and has to change his appearance ( including face obviously) and his voice ( by Wakandan technology which kind of makes sense )

    • @Armageddon armada you know what, I’m kinda liking that idea. Thumbs up to that.

    • @Armageddon armada Disney should hire you

    • Finley Bevan-Davies

      I don’t think they will make a black panther 2 without Chadwick

      Wakanda forever

    • @Finley Bevan-Davies Their (Disney/Marvel) are talking about following the story that was in the comic book where his siste takes over being Black Panther.


  3. Yes I finally get to see my favorite ship

  4. Cant wait to see this ty in advance for the vid spartan I know it will be great 🙂

  5. Nicholas Giuliano

    Who randomly found Spartan and has been coming back ever since?
    Leave a like if you have

  6. I damn near shat myself seeing that

  7. the video has not started yet and already has 88 likes! You’re AWESOME Spart!!

  8. Ah yes the Grosser Kurfurst, my flagship when I get it

  9. “Biggest and heaviest ship on pc”

    Kremlin would like to have a word with you

    • GK is the largest ship on PC as well
      There is a video can’t remember by whom but it shows all the ships side by side in order from smallest to largest and GK is top

    • Kremlin has the highest HP on PC, physical size.. GK is the biggest ship

    • I was more or less referring to the durability, since even though GK is bigger kremlin is probably way more dense, should have probably specified abit better

  10. The Holy Trinity
    Spartan: most entertaining
    Tbull: most helpful
    TacticAngel: best editing

  11. I think the short reload for yamato is for balancing.
    Because she only has good guns and torpedo red.
    Armor and AA are crap

  12. Running with scissors is actually getting worse. The dispersion penalty is going up

  13. The thing is, the G.K. in the German blueprints was supposed to have something like 20in guns lol. The H-Class ships were meant to have enormous guns lol

    • Unfortunately…russian developers would NEVER make german things shine. The american/french/russian (ships) are blessed in this game. It is like (sorry do not know the english “word”) Arschkriechen.

    • Only one H-Class design was supposed to have 20-inch cannons, that being H-44.

      And Großer is not based off of that ship.

    • Biggum Soviet developers are still salty about getting invaded by Germany so they make paper ships to beat them

  14. I haven’t even gotten my legendary yet😂

    • I got my Yamoto yesterday. I haven’t had a great game in it yet but I know I will. The elite ships seem to draw alot of attention.( aka torp magnet)

    • Still 3 stages away from mine. Reluctant to spend any money on it. Bill you need to be running in a division. Also where the Yam dominates is to practically sit in the middle pretty much where you spawn and use that distance as an ally. You can watch all three caps. Check Flamu or Flambass and see how they play it. Take that play style and mold it to your liking.

  15. I wonder if the secondary mod confirm the rumors

  16. I believe this ship’s guns ended up somewhere on the Atlantic Wall

  17. 14:44 that’s not citadel
    That’s just high damage

  18. 3:42 the LC/40 would be the year of design.

  19. Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest

    I just got 200k damage with The Gneisenau. I’m still shocked.

  20. Outlawed Outlander

    The L stands for length when talking about German guns. It means the shortest possible barrel length needed to achieve max velocity for said gun.

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