Meet The Jean Bart! Tier 7 Premium French Battleship! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Ooo New York port!

  2. Gonna be great when they add the USS Massachusetts and it destroys this ship ever match

  3. I’m so looking forwards to this ship.

  4. You can tell a ship is absurd when spartan uses a brawler build on it.

  5. Not just you, left a fubuki on low health, team did not kill him so he torped me.

  6. The last battleship built in the world a close to an era…..

  7. Everyone talking about carriers

    Me in the back that wants subs: I’m head home cause it ain’t happening.


  8. Spartan …MERRY CHRISTMAS …from POLAND

  9. Looking forward to trying out this ship in the coming weeks myself. Season’s greetings and great job with your channel.

  10. Great Review David, Happy Dec. 25th/19!!!!!

  11. Merry Xmas Spartan and Everyone 🙂

  12. Great match funny end lol, I really must get better at ramming ?

  13. Jean Bart is here!!! HONHONHON!!

  14. Anybody notice the police sirens and car horns while in Port ??

  15. So it’s better than the Richy Lou and anyone can buy it if they want.

  16. Mario Dani Priyatno

    what are jean bart pros and cons if compared against richelieu? for you personally, which one do you choose? Jean bart or richelieu, and why?

    • Jean bart has a better reload and then with the reload booster. Allowing to catch people off guard when they turn after you fire.

      It has permanent camo so that’s a plus.

      So far I prefer the Jean Bart but they are both great ships

    • Mario Dani Priyatno

      @Spartan Elite43 thanks spartan. merry christmas to you. have a great holiday.

  17. Merry Christmas. Hope you stop butchering the French language next year.

  18. Azur lane HMS Monarch UwU

    New subscriber ?

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