Meet The King George V! Tier 6 British Battleship (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. XENOmorph ALLdayEVERYday


  2. Hi thanks for the review I made a clay model of the kgv and now I can see more detail and see it in game thanks for the review ur the best

  3. Quad turrets look so damn nice.

  4. The King George V is turning into my most played ship almost surpass my play time in my Amagi, I really like to set ships on fire XD.

  5. So would a Russian king George be a KGB?

  6. because i'm batman 5702

    Queen Elizabeth: 15 in.
    KGV: 14 in.
    The B turret has 2 guns.

  7. Ah yes, my favorite ship. I like it when things BURN

  8. I’m stuck on the set 9 fires in 1 game but I’m so close to the kjv.

  9. By far my favorite bb so far king george one good salvo of HE deletes destroyers and melts bb at range and i have got citadel hits on light cruisers with those HE. GG spartan.

    • Nice I’ll have to do some HE experiments

    • The HE can do 10k+ with just the bow guns
      Light a fire basically every salvo and has zero concerns about target type or angle of impact
      It’s one of the few BBs were there is little reason to use AP
      Short of switching after lighting ²-3 fires or for broadside cruisers you could citadel and 1shot the HE just works better

    • Never bouncing or over-penning is great too

  10. Generic Asian #68301648

    When I get the KGV I’m gonna start playing World of Warships while Blasting Heart of Oak.

  11. I only use AP I find I can still pen any ship at my tier and above and do a large portion of their health in damage and I also use Cunningham with an inspiration of one of the Americans that gives more health that helps a lot going against a t7 battleship

  12. I absolutely wreck enemies in this ship. I love it.

  13. Working on getting the queen I’m just a little away then the king time , but as long as I have my American ship you’ll hear happy blade noises . good video sir!

  14. Spartan uploads, I like and comment

  15. I’ve found KGV to be tailor made for mid-close range brawling and Madden is a perfect fit. KGV’s strengths are in its relatively fast reload speed and its hidden perk of healing medium damage as well as the typical light damage. Madden’s base trait plus Brawler maximizes the reload speed and close range target aquisition/tracking while Master Mechanic will have you shrugging off any damage but a citadel. The weaknesses of KGV are its low gun caliber and flat, easily penetrated deck armor. At range your effectiveness is limited and your vulnerability to citadels is increased significantly, so closing the distance not only maximizes the ships strengths but minimizes its weaknesses

    • British BBs like the Germans are built for mid to close range
      KGV having phenomenal HE just means it can trade effectively at range until is closes the gap to its superior medium range brawler area

  16. Nice Spartan, this and the fuso are my fave bb’s.

  17. Are they also going to add French destroyers?

  18. Don’t know why so many bemoan British battleships. I love ’em. The Queen is my go to girl. Wasn’t thrilled about KGV until I got it. Great ship! The HE is very good, but I mostly fire AP in my battleships.


  20. There’s a lot of love for the KGV, Its a beauty when you get used to it. Great vid as always ??

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