Meet The KUTUZOV! Tier 7 Russian Cruiser (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Azur lane SN sovetskaya rossiya

    Where’s my 360p crew xD

  2. Do you recommend HMS Hood?
    Thinking about getting it.

  3. Hmm meet the Kutuzov but its Atago on the thumbnail… another masterpiece of a video poi never change spartan lol

  4. I think this ship might take the crown from the Atlanta as most hated by BB captains!!

  5. 16:15 BURN THEM ALL!!!!
    it reminds me of game of thrones 😂

  6. Yah… this is going on the must kill list…

  7. If it gets bbs to move then I want a lot of them

  8. Gameplay Starts at 12:56

  9. Btw how did that destroyer at the end survive so long

  10. Battleships cant sit in the cap and fire their guns anymore. Because we have a cruiser that can sit in the cap, and fire its guns lol.

  11. Tanner Timothy Phelps

    I’ve been saving all my money on my Xbox accont for this exact moment. Russian bias baby. Great video Spartan!!

  12. Koo-too-zov, emphasis on ‘too’
    Ah-tah-go, emphasis on ‘tah’

  13. 40k hp isn’t that the most cruiser wise

  14. Why would they add a ship from the 50s

  15. The difference between heavy and light cruisers is the caliber of the guns, not the armor.

  16. I always try not to use my damage control with 1 fire but I always have that voice in my head saying “FIRE FIRE, PUT IT OUT!!” LMAO

  17. Quick question since the Scharnhorst has a small caliber gun and torpedoes should I play it like a heavy cruiser?

  18. I’ve had 16 fires set once or twice in my Atago

  19. I am pretty sure the scharnhorst also has longer range than the Kutuzov, I have gotten mine to above 21 km

  20. Do you get free promotional orders, and premium time, as it seems to go up all of a sudden? Then again your vids are probably not filmed in order so forget what I just asked. 😂

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