Meet The Massachusetts! Tier 7 American Battleship (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. I’m level 40 on the campaign, but this early! Wait a minute, oh
    , 20 hours hehe

  2. Here can’t wait ! Lol see yall in future comments

  3. Got that feeling this is the match where I was tirpitz on the enemy team. Duinhur is my gamer tag.

  4. Love how I thought, “oh if I just buy this whole campaign out I’ll get to try this before others do!” …I have never been more wrong in my life…

  5. Just finished my first game with her… I think I’m in love with her as much as I am with her sister.

  6. Spartan I recently was fooling around with Roma. Found that If you use the French bb commander for the penetration multiplier on level 12 or higher. You can turn off artisan touch and still pen even angled battleships with the velocity. However with artisan touch you can put on Essen as an inspiration with the improved penetration angles. I’m telling you maximizing Essen improves every single battleship tenfold. I’m sure your the better player. But I took the detour down to find out just how good Essen is because most community contributors don’t waste time or commander points on the Deweys, But getting Essen to 16 is worth every penny.

  7. No one
    Literally no one
    Massachusetts gets detected at 17km
    *Secendaries set me on fire*

  8. This is my new favorite thing about 12 pm

  9. God tier secondary’s!

  10. I was the enemy Kagero and I just got spooked by the Lightning. I was going to try to outflank you guys and torp the ever living snot out of you but I didn’t make it that far. GG I hope to do better in the next one.

  11. Having those firing arcs of her secondaries is like having a mini Atlanta strapped to the side of the superstructure. Also, I’ll feel a lot better when I get through the campaign…in like 53 years. Jesus, they sure out done themselves with this one. These missions are…damn…Talk about grind.

  12. The fight against the Azuma is the definition of Rear turret of Justice

  13. Since the topic is the Massachusetts after all, being that Worcester is a town there, everyone there pronounces it “Wuhster”, not “Wooster” or “Worcester”.

  14. I know you don’t typically do tier 4 and lower videos, but are you going to do one on the Yahagi?

  15. I would like to known how this ship behaves with a accuracy commander. Just to compare

  16. “Are a little broke” and has almost 26k doubloons 🤣 JK, does Wargaming sponsing you with these ship as they get released? it’s an endless grind to get high tier ships in this game and a hard hit on the wallet, but still I’m been here since early access days anyways love the vids man, keep it up =)

  17. Fun fact about the Massachusetts. During the war none of the crew was killed in combat.

    • That was Alabama. She was known as Lucky A since she lost no crewmen to enemy fire. Big Mamie is mostly noted for her activity during Operation Torch, where she shot it out with various French naval units and shore batteries.

  18. I feel that you have answered this in another video. But, to outright buy the mass is about 100$. My question is, if we get up there in the milestones does that number go down? Say to purchase the last 20 or so milestones to go?
    I’ve never bought an admiralty so I really have no clue.

  19. The Mass looks like a great ship, it’s nice to finally have a American BB that has great secondaries to compete with the Bismarck

  20. There are gonna be so many Massachusetts after this campaign.

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