Meet The Molotov! Tier 5 Russian Cruiser (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. This is litterally the epitome of russian bias

  2. Gameplay starts @ 05:30

  3. I hate it when you just can’t dodge that one torpedo.

  4. Thanks Spartan for this video review, this ship seems to be a nice and fun one. Btw the Kutuzov Is a tier 7 cruiser. I sent you a couple of screenshots about a game in my Chapayev burning the reds for a 205k damage. Keep It up Spartan 👍

  5. During our Test Session in ST I was in the Okhotnik and I Citadel this ship 5 of the 7 guns. This was the Premium I was talking about awhile back 😂 but I couldn’t say the name because of the NDA! This is why Cruisers need 27 mm to 30 mm Armor in the Bow And Rear! I just ranked up my RU Captain to Rank 14, ounce I get the other Insignia I can get him to Rank 15 and my inspirations are Scott and the French HE Damage Captain. The 15% of undetectably after firing main guns is a joke and I don’t think it works 🤔that’s Rank 9 percentage. I wish they would charge a $10.00 fee or $5.00 or so to reset our Captains like on PC. RU Bias has started my friend 😂, no different than that of World of Tanks! I knew ounce they came out that it was gonna happen. I’d give anything for a US Development Team or even a UK Team to make a game like these of Wargaming abs then the true colors of the RU would show. No way in hell RU has the best Planes, Tanks and Warships. Not even by a long shot! Nice game and be safe also God Bless You SpartanElite43

  6. The Molotov has 180m guns and good gun Velocity. I use punch through on my commander perk, because you can use AP in this Ship to one shot broadside cruisers. AP should be your primary shell in this ship.

  7. Ok, Spartan does good in a cruiser, must be Russian bias. 😆 GG

  8. I wish they would keep prices under 20 dollars. I would actually buy them

  9. It’s a Russian thing 😂

  10. Love the molo. Check out tbulls video on it . like him I use AP with her . Ur amazing spartan thanks for the content

  11. They need to add a premium teir 5 American cruiser.

  12. Just watched tbull’s video on this, seems like a bit of an ap beast against cruisers.

  13. good review, but I think I’ll stick with the Degrasse. this boat doesn’t differentiate itself from that one enough. BTW I citadeled the like button for ya!

  14. Today I had one of my worst days of World of Warships!

    I lost nearly every game and the ones I did win I lost credits in tier 7 games! Ugh, I swear! The one thing I don’t like about the top tier games is that a lot of games, everyone goes to one flank, sometimes leaving only a measly 3 ships to defend them. I put out a hopeless fight in my Bismarck or Iowa in some games, defending with everything I had.

    Also another big annoyance I have is the Jean Bart. All the people I’ve encountered just sit in the back. :

    Salty moments galore.

    • I was in a match couple days ago with 7 total Jean Farts…. all played from the back. Lol… DDs are really good at going after the back seat players.

    • Anyone that sits in the back with a Jean Bart spraying HE deserves to have all their credits taken and ships sold with no credits given. They’re the worst types of players

  15. I’m about to start playing Shooty boats and Shooty Tanks again…..practice mode first for a few sessions!!!! GG and cool cruiser!!!

  16. Wow those DD captains we’re playing it all wrong, it pains me to watch. No camouflage or concealment tactics. Ahh well easy clean up for you 😂

  17. A quick question whit one ship is hmm “better” Tirpitz or Monarch ??

  18. The only fire starter builds I enjoy are the destroyers I’m kinda waiting for Tashkent even though it’s probably going to suck.

  19. When are they going to realise they need to dramatically lower their prices even with the discount it’s nearly £60 for this ship it’s ridiculous! Maybe with people having a lack of money to spend it will force them to lower the price.

  20. From other vidjas I think this ship would be better at a AP build with Yamamoto as a perk too. I’m needing a tier 5 premium so I can complete the premium challenge every week. What to get is the hard part 😂

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