Meet The Monaghan! Tier 5 American Destroyer (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Can’t believe im featured in the video!

  2. I’ve done it Spartan! I’ve finally managed to hit the like button!

  3. lol i search up a WoWL video to watch and this is 6 minutes old, destiny has brought me to your channel

  4. Seen TBulls video on this, waited for yours to come out because it’s so much more exciting! I fall asleep watching Tbull*. Edit: no offence to TBull, he’s great too. Wish he was a little more enthusiastic like he used to be…

    • tbull didn’t seem very enthusiastic about this ship in particular. I feel like he just wanted the review on this ship done and over with lol.

    • @Diloricate oh you’re right. He wasn’t the least bit enthusiastic about it and he, like Spartan, didn’t really try hiding it either. I appreciate both their honesty. They’re both great people. Go give TacticAngel a try too.

    • @Josh Napier Already been subbed to TacticAngel haha. Pretty much subbed to all the main WoWsL Youtubers XD

    • Inawana Industries

      @Diloricate subbed to the Big Three as well! (Spartan, TBull, and Tacticangel)

    • He Gone!

  5. The Paper Master

    i cant wait for the Odin review!

  6. Got to love when wargaming puts out premium ships that are bigger turds than the tech tree ships.

    • I mean premium ships used to have a cold and where they’re supposed to be worse than Tetra ships because they give bonuses to currency not anymore

    • Code* tech tree*

    • Findlay Robertson

      I wasted nearly 200k in global XP buying the Krasny Krym, so I know exactly what you mean.

    • @AlekTrev006 with 55 knot torps good luck hitting much. Anyone halfway paying attention should be able to dodge them. And 1 less gun, is a lot of missed hits chances if you fire your guns 50, 60 times in a game. Buy it if you want, but I’ll stick with my original opinion, that this ship is a turd.

    • @ky gun runner I respect your points — I’m just saying the Torps are Exactly what the Fletcher has, at Tier-7 — and nobody ever really complains that the Fletcher is bad because it has those torpedoes. Or, put a different way — it would be as though you took a single turret away from a Fletcher and then everyone would dump on the ship ? Cause that’s (in a sense) how the Monaghan performs — a 4-gun Fletcher with its Fletcher torps. Hard to look at that and be all that disappointed, is all I’m suggesting.

  7. Fun fact, Spartan: the 4th of the Yamato-class battleships was unofficially named #111. The IJN named the first three after Japanese provinces, but I like to think that the second one, at least, was named after a real-life, undefeated Japanese samurai: Miyamoto Musashi.😁😎

  8. Probably one of the most underwhelming premiums I’ve seen.

    • As @AlekTrev006 put it:
      I completely disagree – in this case. The ship is, in some ways, an improvement on the Mahan – with not the Benson torpedoes, but the FLETCHER’s Tier-7 Torps — doing a massive 16,000+ damage at Tier-5. This is a tremendous power-up over the Mahan’s Mark-12 torpedoes (11,700 damage), as well as having the Benson / Fletcher’s 9.2 km range. Literally it’s the Tier-7’s Torpedo armament, at Tier-5. For this, you give up ONE cannon. That’s it. One. Anything you can do in Mahan – for the most part, you should be able to do in Monaghan. You’d still out-gun most other destroyers you come up against (other than perhaps a Mahan or Icarus, but I think you’d probably still overcome an Icarus, if you got the jump on them). Someone suggested (as crazy as it sounds) NOT to put in the usual Halsey, and instead view this as more of a Torp focused / generalist ship, and not the usual enemy DD hunting game the US Destroyers usually go about.
      To that end, someone I read suggested actually running Dewey ! (lol ?) – with Fire % increase, Look at me Now, Torp Reload perk, and Reaching Out, to extend the gun range a bit. Take Fully Packed as the Legendary skill, and you have 3 Smokes, 3 Speed Boosts, a 7% (max) fire chance with a rapid fire rate (Icarus has 8% and is generally viewed as best firestarting DD at the tier, IIRC – but this would shoot even faster than that, in most cases), and have a firing range nearing 11-km (Mine is 10.7km with only a Level-7 Dewey, I tossed in). My Upgraded / maxed Fletcher only has 11-km gun range, so — again, this thing compares very favorably to a Tier-7 (at least in that area). Overall, seems totally usable and profitable. My first match I ended up with 67,000 damage, 89 Gun hits, 3 Torp hits, 2 kills, 2 fires, 3 floods, 9 base defenses, a Capture, a Dev Strike, and 316,000 Credits earned. That seems, to me, an excellent result for a Tier-5 premium – and I think Monaghan offers a lot of versatility in playstyle that the Mahan and other limited functionality-torpedo DD’s don’t have. So – I would not regret your purchase, just yet, to those who got it already ! 🙂

    • @[pain]t I understand that it may have some big upsides like the Benson torps and other things, I personally would probably get impatient with that 1 and a half min/2 min reload lol.

  9. Spartan is the most underrated YouTuber prove me wrong

    • Walter's Syndicate

      Theres no possible way to prove you wrong. You are correct

    • He is medicore at WoWL gameplay and reviewing theres always a reason why people are “overrated” if you want to watch someone who’s good watch Noster or ichasegaming or even yuro on world of warship videos he just doesn’t stick

    • Walter's Syndicate

      @lil nootnootx whats your problem jackass, spartan is funny and entertaining

    • The Real Honey Badger

      @lil nootnootx proof that cat people are bastards

  10. Who else is excited for Odin? That is a boat I will most certanly get!

  11. Anyone else really excited for the German BB Odin to come to the game!!

  12. Learned a lesson.. WAIT ! Till Sparten reviews a ship BEFORE you buy it!
    Idiot me bought it this am…. Bummer

  13. Whens the weekly salt ration? I always seem to forget the day you stream. Great video, like always!

  14. Correction they’re the Fletcher’s not the Benson because of the damage.

  15. Hey Spartan, do you have a “Meet the Kidd” video?

  16. USN DD line is most likely a no go for me bc of mediocre at best torps. Been branching out from BB’s to expand my skill to other classes. Also you’re not the only one when it comes starting fires. One minute my Dallas will start fires like a million burning suns then the next. Nope. It’s like the deck and superstructure is being rained on….

  17. The Real Honey Badger

    I love how WG comes out with premium ship ideas. “Hey guys, let’s make an American Tier 5 premium destroyer.”

    “Ok, so a gun boat with short range torpedoes? So it’s similar to American Destroyer game play?”

    “No! We’re going to take away a gun and give it 9km torps so it’s basically just like the other Tier 5 premium destroyers, but a little worse!”

    “Sounds great! Those morons will throw money at us!”

    • You’re spot on. I ran into a few pretty much right off the bat yesterday and sailed away from each one. Unfortunately wallet warriors will buy this ships instead of grinding. It’s why there’s so many shitty Yudachi players because they just bought it out. I had already ground up to the Kagero so a T7 IJN DD was easier to use after coming from Akatsuki.

  18. Red pill addiction

    Thanks for the heads up pal, I won’t be buying this floating potato gun anytime soon!😆🇬🇧🤝🏼🇺🇸 what ship is that in the picture for a coming soon ship at the main menu??? Looks German?!🤔🤔🤔

  19. Odin was just announced and I can’t wait for my favourite YouTuber to make a vid on it.

  20. I can already tell you’re going to love the next update with the French destroyers 🤣

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