Meet The Montana! Legendary American Battleship (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Check Out Peek and I’s Reaction Channel!

  2. Great content man, keep it up 👍

  3. If I remember correctly the Montana was actually be made, but then was stopped after seeing how good aircraft carriers were.

  4. Wow. This ship is crazy. Hence the state after which it is named! Definitely going to rent this one on Monday! Appreciate the good show Spartan!

  5. I think you might like the Ohio, a Montana but with 18 inch guns, but who knows when will she come to Legends, well, WG knows but they wont speak…

  6. Montana is the best rounded ship there is, you just can’t give that broadside up. If you learn to angle it you can use all 4 guns with ease. She actually is a great brawler too alot of people miss that ability about it. Never go bow on to a yam or they can punch right through the the upper deck and right into the citadel. Also you had a clean shot as his citadel before you tried the drive by located under the second turret there’s a cheek to shoot that’s auto pen with Montana guns

  7. Ohh I can’t wait to get Montana, I’m about half way through the project.

  8. Ayo spartan, saw you in one of my games yesterday in the Montana on my team…. quick question, did you intentionally die first off of the bat?

  9. Montana is one of, if not THE, best battleship in the whole game, 12 Iowa guns, great range, and powerful armor.
    So, naturally, peek hates it 😂

  10. I knew you were going To love this ship, when I played it I fell in love with it. It is by far the best American Super Dreadnought!!! USA USA 🇺🇸 HA 👋 goodbye broadside ha

  11. I have this unlocked in blitz. Goddamn beast of a ship. I’m eager to get her in legends

  12. Did anyone notice that there is a TARDIS located near the carousel?

  13. I run Hyde on my Montana build. It puts my Montana up to 94,220 health. Gives it more longevity. I’d also run emergency specialist. Most of the time your enemies are 18 km at most, in my experience, so there’s no reason to buff the range anymore than with flammable cannonier or the flag. Other than that our builds are the same. I also recently maxed my scharnhorst. So I have a total of -25% dispersion. Next I’m maxing Hyde so my max potential Montana health would be 95,180. This build will never change and it’s the one I’ve fine tuned to the way I play Montana.

  14. Kansas does pretty well, same broadside to my understanding maybe the caliber is different I’m not to well informed with the exact specifications. Hopefully WG will continue to release great ships not just DDs in my opinion to many of them in premium and legendary, I just unlocked Stalingrad couple weeks ago and I’m loving all of it. I’m also very excited to see “Colbert” I think that’s how it’s spelled lol.

  15. Technically you could use all 6 spotter planes, but you’d need John Luke Pickup as an inspiration which is a wasted slot

  16. Dang that was as good as my best game ever this morning. 6 ships sunk, just under 75k damage dealt in the South Carolina.
    Not only top ranked in results, top tier from the get go. :/

  17. Montana was started and approved, but only the hull was laid down, then was scrapped due to carriers taking over, so technically yes she was built, never completed, and she was being built at pearl harbor if i remember correctly that way she didnt have to go through the panama canal

  18. Gotta love how those stream snipers only target Spartan. Bet their win rate is fantastic… fantastically awful lol. Gg Spartan. Glad I’ve started working this ship 👍

  19. Unlocked it Thursday and love it.Tried various commanders .Settled on Sims,Sharny,Cunningham.Tried the fast reload guys,but lost to much accrucey.

  20. Love these videos!! Love the energy you put into them!! Thank you Spartan

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