Meet The Nurnberg! Tier 5 German Cruiser (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. If ever get the Scharnhorst…you are GONNA LOVE IT!!

    • I’d love to use it myself, it looks like a really fun battleship, but I dont love it enough to pay $50 for it. F the S outta that. Not to mention you cant buy that specific $50 worth of doubloons so you gotta opt for the $70 one and just deal or hope you have some extra sitting around to get you there from the $40 doubloon purchase

  2. Mitchell Erickson

    Pretty sure they’re glitched out. On PC they can shoot from much better angles, similar to the konigsberg’s starboard side angles lol

  3. This ship is excellent. Guns are fantastic. Fairly quick reload and accurate. Only downfall is it’s paper armor but that’s for all cruisers of similiar tier.

  4. “When your broadside in a cruiser you’re gonna get penetrated” hahaha

  5. Always wanted to get in a match with you I play on ps4 about to get Baltimore but enjoying the New Orleans thoroughly

  6. I like what you’re doin’ Spartan, great game. Love the reference to Thermopylae!

  7. I bought it today and i am liking it so far. Its not a monster like the Konigsberg but its very good imo. GG Spartan!

  8. They mentioned this on the live stream. They said the guns are supposed to stop firing because of the way they rotate. They also said they might have to look at it and make sure the angle is what they intended to do.

    • Yeah if you look at them as they try to shoot forward the guns start raising to clear the deck. So I think it is as intended

  9. I really like this ship, one of my favorite cruisers

  10. Thermopylae “Hot Gates”. Nice reference, Spartan, I really loved it.
    “If they cover the Sun with their fire, then we must fight in the shadow”.
    You’re a good strategist and of course you never give up. One of multiple reasons why I’m here.

    I’m playing WOWS with no Prem Account but it takes me a loooong time get next ship… ??

  11. Michal Suszwalak

    Hey Spartan. Can you do a video about citadels or where to shoot ships to citadel them. Or where is the weak point of different ship. Especially sharnhorst. I can’t citadel this little ….. Thx.

  12. What tier is it on PC?

  13. Yesssss . Dont stop the viedos . If I cant play I enjoy watching you spank people in the water.

  14. The best game i had with this guy was 90,000 damage and 3 torp hits

  15. Spartan Elite43 I believe it is tier 6

  16. Nurnberg is a beast. The torpedos really make it. 2 tubes of 3 on each side and perfect placement mid-ship, plus the insanely accurate and fast guns. This ship is a choke-point nightmare

  17. It’s a good ship. Just requires, and change in tactics. The Penscola is my favorite cruiser, and everybody hates it lol.

  18. Do Japanese cruisers after your done with the German cruises. Pls

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