Meet The Okhotnik! Tier 4 Russian Destroyer (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. American dd captains would probably would probably be good at playing this because of no torp range

  2. I’ve seen 1 in 5 different matches and all die in the first 2 minutes because of the low torp range 😂

  3. Thought you would like it, it is almost as long as the Iowa. 😆

  4. GG, Great showcasing and honest analysis of the OKHOTNIK

  5. I’m waiting to see if the Russian Battleships have that Russian Bias.

  6. Nice review chief, you need to be more communist to get the most out of her, everyone is inferior to the might of the russian navy, the stalianium armour will keep you protected.

    “Enemy ship it’s no proplehm, sail at ships, ships die” in my finest russian accent.

    • TheHive_Hound Stalin’s mustache would add HP(like Dewey’s)!! Would sweep sea clean of capitalist flotsam! Would look goodly too, da?

    • @Richard Doig it does on planning a vid over the weekend need my equipment back home to do it justice. looking forward to spreading communism across the world of warships lol

  7. “The most Russian” if only this ship can be equip with katyusha launchers, so we got the true Russian?

  8. Hi! Thanks for vids. KH here is pronounce like H in Ohio, but bit harder.

  9. Gameplay starts at 8:45

  10. I’ve been playing this as a sneaky ass cruiser and have had amazing games in it. I love when you yolo an oblivious BB player and they can only watch as billions of torps obliterate them.

  11. It’s the most fun you can have at tier 4 without going to jail! Omg 😱 it absolutely wrecks other DDs I use Bey and Madden helps with the reload a bit. Here’s how to maximize the “fun” factor. Que the Benny Hill theme music and runs ur vid replay at 2X speed and enjoy the show!! GG Spartan, love this boat!

  12. Finally my requesr was anwered! Welcome the mOderAtely AttRactIve NIk

  13. As The Mighty Jingles described it “Long, hard and full of seamen”.

  14. Hey spartan, what’s the most efficient way to make money in wow? I’m coming up to my first tier 7 ship with just 2M in the bank and I can’t work out if playing in the lower tier matches is more effective than playing well in the higher tier matches. Thanks man 😀

  15. I play it like a cruiser and have fallen in love with it… I chase down DDs and targets of opportunity and just own… loads of fun

  16. So crazy even the Russians went “nah bro” 😆… btw, the Alabama has a 710m turning radius, I think, so yah it turns worse then some BBs…

  17. Because it’s so long, that’s what she said lol

  18. 3:17
    Can I ask a serious question?
    Look at those numbers, how much real money do you spend on this game??….
    Does WG just give content providers a shiat ton of free stuff or do you literally spend multiple hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a “Free” pay to win game ?
    Love your channel. I really do.
    I’m just trying to fathom the expense to have what you got going on there.

    • I’ve spent plenty but I also make money from ads on my videos so I bring in more than I spend.

      WG gives CCs loaner ships to make videos about new premium ships.
      They usually take them back after a week or so

    • @Spartan Elite43
      Oh ok. I was always wondering how you or MightyJingles always have the absolute best of everything and not literally be working a real job just to play this game.
      Gotta say, your channel is one of the better ones, cuz you actually show fuck ups and let the world know you’re not a Warship God like others but I just can’t bring myself to pay the insane prices Wargaming wants for various things and the fast that Camo is used once per battle is facking nuts.
      Maybe if it were down over time and you had to re paint but EVERY DAMN TIME and getting the good Camo either costs $$$$$ or you get like 2 thrown at you as bait is BS.

  19. “So Russian” i agree

  20. “It’s good until you get pissed off at it”…😄😂👍

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