Meet The Parseval! Tier 7 German Carrier (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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00:00 Intro
00:18 Commander
01:06 Equipment
01:58 Stats
05:12 Armor Viewer
06:51 Gameplay Starts


  1. doomguy .23 from mars

    When u skip the tier 3 and 5 sad boi times:(

  2. God have mercy on all the Battleships and Cruisers

    • Just battleships a lot cruiser just get overpened

    • Eh cruisers are ok, they literally have to be brain ded to get hit by the AP bombers becuase they take so long to reach the target. dds and cruisers have more then enought time to get outta they way majority of the time

    • Yea, being a tier 7 BB when there’s this CV in the lobby, is really a bad time

  3. Spartan, all carriers of tier 7, when upgrade to Max, Have 15 planes or 30 in total if combine both torpedo and dive bombers together.

  4. “can we finish this man” -Spartan Elite43

  5. Needs more Stuka… So disappointed 😞😞

    • Yeah idk why the tier 5 can’t have them as the upgrade or at least the tier 7 stock planes as it would make them less awful than they are now stock

  6. If your carrier automatically launches its fighters then you can’t launch yours until the fighters have fully launched. At 16:30 the planes automatically launch so you can’t launch your torp bombers. It makes sense in reality but is annoying in a gameplay point of view.

  7. Also at 16:31, That wasn’t a glitch spartan, u Carrier was launching Fighters before it could launch ur attack aircraft.

  8. The planes talking off wasn’t a glitch, it was that your fighter planes were talking so you had to wait for them to take off before you can take off

  9. The higher you drop the AP bombs the more penatration.

  10. 15 Bf110s each with a 53 ft wingspan on the same flight deck..sure why not. Great video Spartan👍Appreciate the look at Parseval, didn’t have enough gold left after my American battleship spending spree to unlock it.

  11. I’m not a CV players, but these german are NASTY, i’d say they will be nerfed soon, i manage to take pleasure with these bombers, those citadels hits are just powerful xD

  12. Андрей Олд

    Sad, just sad. That poor Nelson couldn’t do absolutely nothing to avoid being annihilated. Good game…

  13. It wasn’t a glitch. When your carrier is spotted it automatically puts a group of fighters up to protect itself. During the time the fighters are being launched you can’t put any attack planes up because the deck is already in use

  14. I’ve been touched by this thing. Not even touched more like a poke or jab but yeah this thing is relitivley good for a carrier

  15. Chasemytaillights

    There’s literally no point of playing any other class of ship. Especially battleships, they have no chance of dodging these bombs. Half of the battleships as it is are too inaccurate to hit anything, and even what they’re supposed to pray on, that being cruisers are a lot of times more predators than prey when you have ridiculous ships like the Atlanta, suzuya and Cleveland. They need MAJOR deck armor and AA buffs if these are gonna stay. A ship that can damage other players with no chance of getting damaged back, should by its nature be the weakest class, not by far the strongest. AP bombs need to go. What’s more, after playing the German carriers the only ship that represents any sort of threat to them is destroyers. Destroyers already are extremely overpowered as it is. They are already a huge threat to battleships, and even cruisers at times. And right now they are also predators to carriers. You could make the argument that any ship can damage a carrier, which is true but you can deal more damage back then they can deal to you, and it’s very hard to get spotted by anything other than a destroyer. But you cannot damage destroyers effectively. Destroyers need to be nerfed, Especially The ridiculous Japanese destroyers like the shimakaze, and armor piercing bombs and bombs that deal more damage per hit than the average battleship salvo have no place in the game on a ship that realistically can’t be damaged back. How do they effectively Nerf destroyers? Either reduce torpedo damage severely, or provide more ways for them to be spotted, by battleships in a 1v1 scenario, such as being able to control the spotter planes in the same way you can carrier launched planes, and have them tail a target. Have them ACTUALLY spot things. and really they need a combination of both. I think the torpedo should do about the amount of damage that the carrier torpedoes do, or there should otherwise be some form of rng, because in their current state there’s no art of aiming, you don’t need to worry about hitting certain points of the ship and torpedo protection belts mean nothing, if you get more than three or four torpedoes the ship is done no matter what kind it is. Every single salvo of torpedoes has the realistic potential to be a dev strike, and in the case of some Japanese destroyers it can be more than one. That is not achievable in any other class of ship, and to completely wipe out a ship from full health in a battleship takes a ridiculous amount of luck, rng, and aiming skill to pull off, and even then sometimes it doesn’t matter because your guns are too big for the target you’re shooting at and you get all overpens, or just as likely the game decides you are going to have garbage dispersion and miss every shot. Destroyers that doesn’t happen. All you have to do is get a torpedo somewhere on the ship you’re shooting at and it’s going to do a ton of damage and probably cause flooding too. And every torpedo that hits does more damage on average than a citadel dies from a battleship and citadels are much harder to achieve. They don’t have any chance based factors that have any significant effect like battleship dispersion does. I’m sure there are going to be salty destroyer captains saying it’s harder to hit torpedoes than shells, and you can dodge torpedoes, which is just blatantly wrong, and you can dodge shells much more easily than torpedoes because you know when they’re coming, which is why a lot of cruisers are actually battleship predators instead of prey like they are supposed to be. Battleships are by far the most underpowered class in the game right now, and destroyers are by far the most overpowered class. But that being the case, does not hold a candle to a carrier, because even though it doesn’t have as much potential to deal damage as one of the overpowered destroyers, it’s basically impossible to have a bad game in a carrier. You are not going to get shot at until the end of the game unless you horribly screw up. You have no chance of anything detecting you and no chance of anything being able to shoot at you even if you are detected, because you don’t need to be anywhere near them to deal damage to them. And by that very fact and by that very nature, they should not have the potential to deal as much damage or pose as large a threat as they do in particular to the ship that is already the most under powered class in the game, that being the battleship. If you want to play a ship that you can survive every single game until the very end, your role should be 99% spotting, and offering intelligence data to the team rather than dealing ridiculous amount of damage with no damage being dealt back, and in the current state of the game it is the polar opposite of that.

    • Agree with your final point – I think the concealment is what needs to change!

    • Great comment

    • Torpedoes are easy to dodge as long as you actually move your ass instead of sitting at spawn the entire game like most BB players do. But I agree about carriers. I can’t believe they’re doing it again. Fucking imbeciles.

    • Chasemytaillights

      @phappy void they can be dodged in some scenarios, but in others it’s just not possible. They’re much harder to dodge than shells, and much more effective as well. The shimakaze is the most unbalanced ship in the game, and it’s not particularly close. Every torpedo does more damage than a citadel, and they’re much easier to get than citadels. They need to do the same amount of torp damage as carriers, and what’s more, overpens need to have a chance to cause flooding for a short duration of time, as they actually do.

  16. I watched a friendly parseval decimate a enemy Yamato with his bombers yesterday.. he got a kraken and top of the leaderboard… Later a parseval wrecked my Iowa just the same.. idk what to say but I do have a newfound hatred for CVs

  17. Ignore the people giving you flak for your criticisms of this update, they’re idiots.

    I skipped ahead and went straight for the Parseval, and it is game breaking. I run with Fully Packed so I have 3 of that plane invulnerability, and I can literally rip battleships with impunity. For experienced veterans from PC like me who have played CV there, averaging 140,000 to 160,000 on the ship is easy, with my best at 230,000. I can get a citadel or two on each bombing run 90% of the time, and with the invulnerability, I can do a full unit size attack again for a total of 18,000+ to 36,000+ of damage and have the entire squadron back without losses. With 3 invulnerabilities you’re looking already at an easy 54,000+ to 108,000+ of guaranteed damage with no plane loss for that match. Don’t forget you also get 3 uses of invulnerability as well for torpedo bombers.

    In the hands of PC veterans who knows what they’re doing and can squeeze out the most on the Parseval, this update really is game breaking. Heed Spartan’s criticisms folks, he’s not wrong, and for those who never played PC, you’re about to find out why the vast majority of us PC players switched to Consoles.

    • Sad thing about CV update is they address it wrong.
      People asking for CV in console because they are sick of invisible DD dominating every match. BB won’t/can’t push withouts fear of invisible torpedo. But then when they add CV, BB player suffer it the most. It’s still hard to boot to hunt DD in shoukaku or Lexington and even with this new German CV update with faster torpedo, it’s still hard to hunt DD.
      Bottom line of CV update: DD still roaming freely, BB suffering more

    • I played PC aswell and no these aren’t even close to PC CVs. Torpedo planes only get 3 torps per strike. There way easier to deal with but most Legends players have never dealt with CVs and don’t do anything to counter them. If you notice in most of these videos these people just let the CV come in and don’t even try to do anything. It’s bad players not op Cvs that are the problem

    • @visito nugraha you do realise CVs aren’t meant to be a counter to DDs, they are there so they can spot them. a good carrier player will spot the DD which his team would start shooting, if DDs are still a problem for you then I hate to say it but you are just bad at the game…

    • @Madlad Junoir well PC have rocket plane to hunt and harass DD. Console don’t have it. torpedo and dive bomber aren’t so good on DD so yeah. CV in console not for countering DD.

  18. In a completely unrelated note! American battleship Montana has been added to WoWs Legends! Me and a friend just engaged two in an AI battle!

  19. We need a meet the Jervis, icarus, acasta there the only ones we don’t have

  20. One of the real strengths of the KMS CVS is how quickly the torp sight shrinks, it lets you strike super quick, and the torp speed makes it super easy to basically one shot DDs.

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