Meet The Players of World of Warships

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  1. The destroyer would be the ambusher. Could you do a video on Izumo if you have it. It is definitely a interesting ship.

  2. Bro the fire spamers are the worst.

    Edit:i see where you guys are coming from and i can agree that bb players can be stupid

    • Straha The Fleetlord

      I love playing suzuya and ruining bb players games

    • 5 BBs every single match. What do you expect? The one cruiser in match is going to shoot AP at you while you bow tank with WTR?

    • Straha The Fleetlord

      @Pinky Skeleton someone who understands the basic knowledge of cruiser gameplay
      It’s not necessarily spam more so that cruiser ap is useless at range against bbs most of the Time

    • Straha The Fleetlord

      @Pinky Skeleton I agree 100% man the large majority of bb players I’m actively shooting at instantly DC the first fire I set so I farm them instead of the few players who know what they’re doing lmao and then everywhere I go I just see people complaining about he spam as if there isn’t a solution in game already but they clutch the accuracy builds too much I guess

  3. Hello Pgrapidz I would like you to make a video of Rabat or Dallas. (if possible) thank you

  4. CSanád Máté-Fésüs

    Is there an ,,Average Friesland enjoyer with a minigun” option?

  5. I am the swastican guy

  6. the broadsider, the kamikaze. there is two more you can do.

  7. ꜱᴇᴀɴ ʜᴇɴᴅʟᴇʏッ

    Should’ve added shimakazes “wall of skill”

  8. the guy who Always gets killed by torpedos has left the chat

  9. war thunder naval is still better

  10. And what would you like the cruisers with sub 8 inch guns to do against the battle ships once the DDs are gone?
    Get in torpedo range? … Actually hold on a second…

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