Meet The Shokaku! Tier 7 Japanese Aircraft Carrier (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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  1. Keep this up much love

  2. I was waiting for it

  3. I’m starting to get back into world of warships now that carriers are here which means watching more spartan babyyyy

  4. Nice, I was waiting for the T7 Japanese carrier after I saw yesterdays amazing Lady Lex video.

  5. Yes Spartan brov, guess you started loving these beasties

    • I don’t love them but I am starting to at least hit things with them now.

    • @Spartan Elite43 you played very well, fair play, am really bad with them 🤣🤣

      I think will take 2 strong years for me to learn how to use the air strike carriers 🤣🤣

  6. Just became a member

  7. Much better. I liked that you talked about helping your team and affecting game play without necessarily doing damage. Too many selfish players in this game.

  8. “Welcome back to the era of aviation!”
    2 years later:
    “Welcome back to the era of U-boats!”

  9. i’d recommend attacking immediately after you launch your planes so you can send those planes back and save them. it’s a great way to save your planes from being destroyed since most of the time you won’t be able to attack the target twice

    • I’m afraid that’s classified

      100% agree. I sometimes wonder why they bother giving you 6 planes, when your probably gonna lose 4 for every strike.

    • I’ve tried sending them back right after an attack and they seem to die either way

  10. I like the extra fire chance for HE bombs skill more than the extra concealment

  11. 13:35 quick tip you also could’ve used your fighter planes from the d pad to keep the yuudachi spotted

  12. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    “The perfected aircraft carrier, Shoukaku, setting sail!” Shoukaku, Azur Lane

  13. You made a very important statement. Tactics need to change. Teamwork will be a must.

  14. Iowa,Jean Bart,Massachusetts,Alabama,Yamato after Carrier Release:Its free Real estate!

    • King Of The Atlantic

      Didn’t yamato have really shitty AA in real life since it was made up of poorly made guns?

    • @King Of The Atlantic no it had good AA guns but were only very effective under 2000ft and the AA guns I don’t think used radars and so they were operated manually

    • King Of The Atlantic

      @Oooscar.gaming from what I’ve read, the 25mm anti air guns equipped on yamato were very mediocre at best, and the Japanese relied on timed fuses on their shells which were very ineffective against Aircraft, plus without radar, that’d just be another disadvantage. And yamato shot down only a few planes out of nearly four hundred that sank her. And in the PC version, her AA is pretty bad too

    • @King Of The Atlantic well in the pc version all the Japanese ships have bad AA, but I’m pretty sure I heard that the Yamato’s AA guns were very effective at 2000ft and lower and the Japanese realized that and so they made a rule later in the war to only open fire when planes were under 2000ft

  15. I’m new to the game, loving your content. it’s helped a ton!

  16. doomguy .23 from mars

    Hiryu class would of been the tier 6 if it wasn’t skipped tiered

  17. I just hope they don’t make the USS enterprise a steel ship

  18. Everytime I see this ships name I think of that one Ace Ventura movie where he’s running through the woods

  19. Ah yes, the ship that had set sail for only a few hours.

  20. Ah yes the first carrier ever to be sunk by a submarine that didn’t have any help to sink it

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