Meet The Siegfried! Tier 7 German Cruiser (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Another great vid from the spartan, also siggy is, an interesting ship.

  2. abdulhamid abu sulaiman

    oof, a german ship

  3. Im about 24 hours away from getting the Yamato

    • @Da Vid I get some of the rewards I missed out on before I came to the game, a win in my book

    • I love yamato and kurfurst just cant figure out alaska

    • @12thman Railfans …California is the most useful of the Bureau ships…I have them all, and rarely play the Legendaries due to being always silver poor…California is a more accurate New Mexico with better secondaries and MUCH better AA…kinda looking forward to the tier 5 CV test next week

    • I have 1 more too the Yamato but no commanders or ships for it 😂. So at least 2 weeks

    • @alex jolin i feel that had the same thing with twice while grinding yamato

  4. I’ve been waiting for this banger all week lol, worth the wait 😈🤘🏻🤘🏻

  5. Siegfried is a unique ship but so far I’m on a good side with her.

  6. I’ve managed to get my rudder shift time down to 4 seconds. So odd to see a ship that big turn that fast 😆

  7. Bad gun turning, has decent armor, a couple weak spots, and is always killed when on a role?-

    …So it’s a tier 7 Gneisenau-

  8. When I’m early to a video my reaction:🥳🥳🥳🥳

  9. Sped up guns sounds like air hockey 😂 great vid

  10. Fun factoid. The German naval brass called this design “Ohne Panzer Quatsch” (Without armor nonsense).

  11. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    “*chuckles*… You saw me, and now you’re trying to flee…? Do you really think you can flee from ME?!” Roon, Azur Lane

    I really wanted Roon or Hindenburg to come to Legends

    Not super-Gneisenau

  12. That speed up at the end was funny.
    The guy was like skrt skrt.

  13. “You gotta love big meaty stacks”
    Spartan, *why r u gae*

  14. Yep it’s basically a tier 7 genisanau.

  15. Cheesy Hamburger Jr.

    Me: *watches Spartan tell me about the armor*
    Spartan Elite: *in the background* Wait for it!!!
    Me: Lol what the fuck

    I’m guessing that that was from a different video and was not in the script lol

  16. tell soviet that i don’t like him for killing me the other day 🙂


    Sounds like it’s a again a bit more support than carry.

  18. I love hitting citadels with it…I love striking fear into battleships from

  19. I’m waiting on the “Not preferrable” t-shirts

  20. It’s literally just a gneisenau classified as a cruiser and with a few differences

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