Meet The T-61 Tier 5 German Premium Destroyer (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. I like the new video format. Its always cool to see what builds you use.

  2. Love how you broke down the ship stats and builds before the video and hope that’s how you do the next ships.

  3. Love the ship breakdown and build details, would definitely be more interesting for ships with more equipment

  4. Probably gonna pick this one up too I have almost every other premium might as well get this one lol

  5. Godspeed Journeys

    Going to just add my comment to help you rank ?

  6. This game has a premium ship problem by the way they designed the commander system, the Tiers and the economy.

    In tanks I’d buy premiums to train up crews. I needed a few from each nation so I wouldn’t get too bored training up a crew. I could drop the commander in each premium tank, get my 2x for the day and move on.

    In this game the commanders xp doesn’t matter. The economy doesn’t really matter either. I can play any tech tree Tier 5 ship and make almost the same credits as I do in a Tier 5 premium. If I actually want to make credits, I’ll play a Tier 6 premium. But the Tier 6 ships cost so much damn money that I’m not going to buy very many of them.

    I could go on but I won’t waste anyone’s time. Premium ships just aren’t really that interesting in this game.

    • I think that is why the premium ships are generally closer or in some cases better than their tech tree equivalents where as tanks they are generally noticeably weaker with a few exceptions

    • @Spartan Elite43 I think a very strong argument can be made that the Tier 5 German tch tree DD is better than this one. Especially with the 150mm guns. That thing can shred American DDs.

  7. That Benson touched me in my special area behind that island lol

    Looks a good ship but I bought the Polish destroyer last week so it’s a pass from me

    The RN destroyers are great once you get up the tree, launching a line of torps I just get on with very well

  8. I like this new format. That way I can see the stats and the equipment you choose before the game. I’m pretty sure this ship would like me but it’s much expensive.
    Funny game, Spartan. GG!
    I’ve seen that you have an incredible amount of camouflages! More than 200?! I want them!! lol

    • Lol I only use camo rarely same for boosters so they add up from the free crates and missions

    • @Spartan Elite43 Yeah that’s because you’re a pro but I’m a noob DD “captain” and I never have enough camos. You must do a giveaway lol.

  9. Generic Asian #68301648

    We need a shirt that has a DD on it and it says “I tried”.

    • Lol I may see what I can get away with soon. I’m just not an Artist and cannot use Copyrighted images for profit

  10. because i'm batman 5702

    If you use Bey as your captain, he can turn this into a nasty gunboat. It’s no Kidd or Benson, but it can put a hurting on you.

  11. Fletcher only has 5 guns. T61 is a very effective gun boat and torpedo boat.

  12. Part 22 on the campaign on day 2 damn how you up there so Quickly?

  13. Very nice! What do you think of it so far

  14. Lol I see what you did there

  15. Like the format! Enjoy the details especially since I’m torn between getting this or the Graf Spee as my first premium purchase…

  16. The guns are very good. Denying the power of the AP is a mistake.

  17. I like this longer format. Great job, Spartan. Thanks for the awesome content to watch at work ^~^

  18. Spartan Elite43 she is in many ways the tirpitz, but the secondaries are insane. A pretty fun ship, I just have to find the build that is good for me

  19. I love how you are starting the videos now. I never know what’s a good build for my Cap’n or my ship. Also, I don’t know how to setup a dispersion build. Yep, I’m that dumb. Happens!

  20. Is this a meet the scout video? Also 69 knot “metal dildos” nice

  21. So a Japanese DD with quantity > quality on torpedoes? Cool…

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