Meet The Weimar! T6 German Cruiser (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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  1. I think I’m going to take a shot every time you say “broken” and see how long I last

  2. The only possible explanation for this thing making it into the game is that WG wasn’t selling enough premiums. This is beyond overpowered. Seriously, it’s a pre nerf Cleveland with good fire chance and 38mm HE pen. If tier six wasn’t miserable before, it’s even worse now.

    • @Time4aNew System Is this lost of players a fact or fiction ?where can I find the fact for this to be true?

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @SLEDGE 1SWEDE mostly fiction and people grumbling. DDs lost around 200m of concealment at most

    • @SLEDGE 1SWEDE I guess that you don’t play arena, watch live streams, and haven’t realized that playing with more PLAY STATION players. Look at the CCs streamer views from 4 months ago to now. Notice how they aren’t live streaming as much or making WOWL videos. There’s a reason that they are making videos of other games or switching to computer games. Why would they do a thing like that if they were getting the viewers from WOW! I guess that you didn’t play arena or not that good at math, or maybe both, lol, sorry. Go watch WOWS Live stream and listen to them. They were streaming for 3-4hrs bc they had the viewers. Then they were even talking about how low and wondering why their watchers was down. Then they reduced their stream back to a a couple of hours. They even asked what we would like to see them talk about bc they lost that many viewers, lol. Wake up and look for yourself, do the math if you played arena. You think they gave us a T5 DD bc they were being nice, lol. Only time they did a op like that was for the T3 Yubari, the 1st few months the game was out! Do the math or computer numbers

    • Or mabe they wanted to add a premium ship

    • @Time4aNew System OK your brain activity in part fail in your assumtion and all that you wrote is just noncens .First Playstationplayers do not differ from X-box players that is in your scewed brain a misunderstanding or at best not your fault due to my previous statemeant wish I just can suspect .And I play Arena mode with and most amusemeant meaning I like it.I do follow most of the CC.s both on PC and consol to get a proper statistical way to make decisions about the game content and there thoughts.Why some CC.s are doing reviews about and play other games that is all up to them to decide.I do beilive that WG have a hard time to get more players interested in there catalog meaning all of there games just because of short time desicions and goals for revenue 6to make profit and it showes that the goal was a 2 year mark for WOW on consol.that is in my view why some late content are makin the game more toxic more expensive to play and more about WG makin money then actually develop the game.Adding to the toxic is players like you that has so much hate and misunderstanding what gaming is about I feel sorry for you and wish you grow up and be a man for once if you like the game play it if you dont delete.

  3. This is unexpected, but good! I didn’t even know this ship is in the game. 🤔

  4. Good ship, high rate of fire on the guns with solid ap that hits hard. Armor allows you to be pretty tanky when angled right against anything below 16 inch guns. Just stay on your toes when up tiered

  5. Guess who’s got a 20%off coupon for a tier 6 out of an golden pumpkin. 😋

  6. I picked this ship this morning and was amazed how powerful these guns truly are. I’m definitely not a cruiser player but this ship is so much fun. It’s like a Nurnberg cruiser with more guns, better armor, and better shells. Let’s keep this ship a secret!!!!!! Also, I picked it up for 10k with a coupon, what a steal……

  7. Old Guy Gaming Network

    Spartan, listening to your review you said who at Wargaming thought this was balanced. They don’t even consider balancing in their premium ponzi scheme. They literally sell stupidly op ships as a cash grab. Once sales fall off they will release the next stupidly OP ship and change the game mechanics or outright Nerf premium ship to render it obsolete so the player base will have to spend more money chasing the next OP ship.

  8. The few i met today were most likely bad players, all bottom of leaderboard, didn’t thought this thing would be op, Spartan is gonna have some fun with Yorck when path to Hipper come out 😂

    Well at this point they can bring Musachi to tier 7

  9. Iv just been running a secondary build with AL Scharnhorst, just a fun ship to try builds out on 😆

  10. This is absolutely a fun ship, but it wont take the place of my Atlanta. I’ve been playing them first one then the other and back and forth. Weimar does more damage quickly but Atlanta makes more money (silver). With my Atlanta I typically make 500-750k average silver per round doing 1/3 the damage that Wiemar does. Most ribbons are similar in number and type. But unlike the Atlanta that needs to be very sneaky (I have a 9km concealment build), the Weimar can be more aggressive. Still gotta be very careful but it is able to take more hits than my Atlanta. So for me at least, the Atlanta is a better money maker and is a DD hunter. The Weimar is more tanky and better at holding the enemy at bay longer. Each still has their place. But like spartan said, cruiser players will LOVE this ship.

  11. I think I’m starting to get my fill this game. The power creep never ends.

  12. I immediately bought this ship and there are ZERO regrets 😄

  13. “Don’t like nerfing premiums”

    *Cries in Dunkerque*

  14. Spartan saying a Germán premium is op that is the rarest thing i’ve ever seen 😂

  15. If the Yorck played ANYTHING like this that turd would be so much more fun…sucks when the premiums blow away the regular tech tree variant 🙁

  16. After the initial CC reviews all calling this thing OP and a bunch of people buy them in a rush and we end up with 5 of these per team every match at the tier, they’ll swing the nerf bat it.
    But they need those reviews claiming it’s OP so everyone MUST buy it.

  17. Teriyaki Flavored Tide Pods

    To be fair, a lot of the premiums they have come out with lately, have been pretty underwhelming. Especially when compared to their tech tree counterparts.

  18. I immediately bought it (for my defense I didn’t know it was op I just like German ships and Weimar) and in my first game I dealt 7k damage with one salvo by hitting the super structure of a battleship. 7k for 5 second reload time?? That is so ridiculous

  19. Picked up this ship earlier today absolutely love it ! It is very powerful for tier but let’s face it when it comes to premium cruisers WG is not in the least deficient in making them all a bit Op in some aspect. Great ship very fun to play even if it does cause people nightmares !

  20. If this is how Weimar performs, I’d like to see how Mainz would be if Wargaming put it in

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