Meet The Worcester! Legendary American Cruiser (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. First!!!! I butchered that name trying to pronounce it 😂. I can always count on your videos to give me a look at the ship I need 👍🏽

  2. Another good video

  3. OK LIZZZGOOO BABY! Come through with the content 🤍

  4. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!🎄❄️🎁 I hope everyone’s 2020 ends on a great note.😁 Also I still debating if I should spend the money on 10 or more crates.🤔

    • Bought 10 myself, got a ship, quite a few promotion orders and more then enough icebreaker coins to rent the conqueror along with some global exp and other random camos and boosters.

  5. Nice to have when I’m binging Spartan vids and then this beautiful video shows up😂Also early Merry Christmas everybody!

  6. Spartan have u tested the gearing 16.5 kilometer torpedos there op 😂,also have a great holiday

  7. merry christmas evryonee

  8. You got away with “stuff” in Cleveland because Cleveland needs no skill

    • Much of the ‘skill’ in this game is knowing what your ship can do and why. If you’re a duffer, you lose because you don’t know what you don’t know and others that do know a thing or two will exploit your ignorance and profit. What Spartan is referring to is taking calculated risks because he knows this ship–Cleveland–is difficult to citadel, so going broadside to do more damage is potentially to his advantage. In Worcester’s case, it’s obvious to those that know how to look that such a risk is much, much higher–and not even justified since it can do so much more with half the guns.

    • Cleveland does require skill to play well. Sure an average player can get gg in it. But a truly skilled player is just plain devastating in it

  9. One of my favorite ships. Took down a full health GK and two full health Alaska’s and was able to boogie back to port with 5k health left 😁

  10. Wolverine's Blitz den

    Hi Spartan that was me in the Massacheusetts, with you on that side, asking for your help. Thanks for throwing some shells at that GK! I did manage to finish it off but took a couple of big hits doing so sadly. GGish lol

  11. This was hands down my #1 ship that I wanted to see in Legends and boy was I happy to see her added this quick in the game it’s lifecycle.

    #2 is the Friesland

  12. Merry Christmas Spartan, hope you a great time and have a Happy new year. 🥳

  13. LilCommander Gaming

    As a person who lives near Worcester I’m glad you pronounced the name right

  14. I’m glad you came through with this video, but you have to fulfill the promise you made on the near perfect game video.
    Take tomorrow off and spend some time with your old man.
    Merry Christmas

  15. Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest

    Me when more HE spam:

    *Spain but without the S*

  16. Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest

    I wish we had custom matches to play with friends where we can try everything. That would be fun.

  17. When focusing on the armor viewer, I noticed that where the camo pattern is broken up on the sides matches where the citadel is. Kind of highlights its location. Not sure that will be helpful when shooting at this ship, but kind of interesting. And also, Merry Christmas all!!

  18. Omg that was the where I overangled to the grosser kurfurst lol, sry spartan I would have loved to show you that I can do more than that😐
    Also My dream came true, I was in a game with Spartan elite and in his video, just not My Best play shown😂

  19. WoW players pronounce the ship as “WOOSTER” but it’s not close to how it’s actually pronounced 😔

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