Meet The Yamato! (Released) Japanese Legendary Battleship (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. - SparTanGaMIng -

    Almost finished the großer kürfurst I cant wait to use the beast

  2. WG really likes to add ships that are capable of kicking my ass

    • Gareth Blayney still fared well againts victorious tho

    • KMS Bismarck plus, Sabaton wrote an absolute beast of a song about you! It’s ok Bis, we love you, you really were meant to rule the waves. It’s just a genuine shame that your crew and skipper were under the command of one of the most powerful deranged nutcases in modern history.

      It’s a shame that, what happens when deranged lunatics get to run powerful countries, glad that’s a thing of the past…

    • Lol because everything is capable of kicking Bismarck

    • And iowa

    • I stell love bismarck


  4. Spartan elite over the years has proven that he is ABSOLUTE ROYALTY AT THIS GAME. He is Best fit as an Admiral, might even make him Fleet Admiral if people could communicate better,I will get to do fanart

  5. Reality can’t be changed
    *Spartan laughing in 18.1 inch guns* reality can be whatever I want

  6. Second time I’m watching this 💪😎💰

  7. fyi the musashi was built, a third was converted to an aircraft carrier. there was a fourth that wasnt built.

  8. The Japanese Navy built 3 of the Yamato class. Yamato and Musashi were finished as battleships. The 3rd was the IJN Shamano. It was converted to a carrier/depot ship after midway.

  9. Musashi was built. The 3rd Yamato-class ship was converted to a carrier or something.

  10. Late night gamer

    YAMATO!!!!! I’m still many day’s away from getting it but it exciting to see you play as it!!

  11. I love citadelling the Yamato when she’s bow tanking, in my Alabama. 😘

  12. “the guns can overmatch any armour” *laughs at 75mm bow at pyotor*

  13. A little more info here: Yes, Yamato and Musashi were completed as battleships, both sunk by surface/air attack. The third, Shinano, was to be converted into a carrier after Japan’s loss of 4 carriers at Midway but was changed to a carrier support ship because of the state of construction; she was torpedoed by the US submarine Archerfish shortly after commissioning. The fourth ship was laid but the program because the coming war; the ship was scrapped and the materials were used to convert Ise and Hyuuga to carrier battleships. Supposedly, there was fifth planned in the series but was never laid do wn. Anyway, in light of the video, I think after I get my Yamato I’ll just treat her as a hotel. She was often called “Hotel Yamato” anyway so why not?

  14. Just got the California and although She is a wide lady, I am so far really enjoying Her (big smacks). Are you going to pick Her up as well?

  15. I have around 2 or 3 stages to go before I get this ship should get it this upcoming week

  16. My Iowa loves coming against Yamato’s because I always tend to find them broadside and after a full salvo she’s usually not there anymore

    • Haha but in reverse yamato loves Iowas because it can overmatch her bow and do 13k damage while she bow tanks

  17. Spartin the musashi was built and one of the other yamatos were converted into a aircraft carrier

  18. They should add ranks in this game, for example the max rank would be Admiral Of The Fleet

  19. The service cost for it was big! A couple of bad matches Will cost alot

  20. 13:35 looks like you just managed to hit his angled belt armor instead of the bow armor. Interestingly, angling like this is probably your best bet if you find yourself 1v1 with a Yamato in a battleship.

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