Meet Tina! The new host of Update videos in World of Warships #shorts

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  1. Bitte name hier einfügen

    I still miss dasah but tina is way better then the other one

  2. Well hello Tina. I think you’ll be a great addition to the team.

  3. Nikola Jovanović

    I don’t think she can be excited as much as the male audience of this channel…

  4. What was that camera pan?

  5. Nice, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Welcome aboard Tina.

  6. how many new Host will u have? WG:” YES “

  7. Hi Tina, you sound like a native speaker which will be a plus. Im getting a bit of “new host fatigue”, so i hope you stay a bit longer.

  8. GM Icebergs right ahead

  9. awesome! good luck with the new gig

  10. Weird starting pan up the body just to really get the thirsty kids revved up.

  11. Oh wow they finally got a native english speaker. Maybe have her proofread dev blogs too?

  12. Well, they did their market research.

  13. i hope you realize your time may be short 🙁

  14. Hey Tina, welcome to WoWs. Have fun and a nice time!

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