Memechusetts Strikes Again! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Love it

  2. Can you do another Alaska video it is such a fun ship

  3. Yasss she sails again …I just watched battleship (2012) so yea ..✌️✨

  4. Double tank Massachusetts is so broken sometimes😁 GGs 🌸🌺

  5. Memechusetts strikes again!

  6. Love the Massachusetts

  7. Massachusetts is so fun for me to use I have a complete secondary build I don’t have Lyons unfortunately but my secondaries reach to 10.5 kilometers also that Friesland must have been scared for his life thinking he’s a tough guy no sunshine the Memechussets is gonna get you

  8. Is it still accurate with a secondry build?

  9. Can we just talk for 1s over the secondaries of FDG?

  10. “Friesland does have one torpedo” 😂ain’t that the truth

  11. Hey Mister D., “nice game” is sold out. But yeah, this was a real good one. Gg

  12. As a new player, I was confused about the Friesland torpedo, for a second! Massachusetts the secondary king then? I have realised (too late) that Bismark is to be avoided in Destroyers

  13. I wish this ship wasn’t so expensive, I’m sorely tempted to drop the 50 bucks or whatever for the B variant.

  14. Massive-two-shits for the win!

  15. George Periferakis

    Hey Spartan! Do you think that WG should remove the ability to shoot behind islands for cruisers? Maybe that’s too harsh, at least nerf the ballistics so the shells don’t lob so many islans. It was about a week ago that I got BBQed by a Cleveland so I did what a reasonable person would do, get the Cleveland. First game 120k with 15fires. This is not fine nor balanced

  16. Illuminati TaxMan RYTHEMGANGSTAR

    This ship is overpowered it needs to be sorted

  17. Lmao 🤣 @” get the base! What are you doing with your life?!” Had me cracking up like a mad man

  18. how they would of won just get away they had the points and the caps they would’ve won anyway but nice job on the win.

  19. Many many people dont know how use own ship,for example in this match Firesland…you have a no toroedo and 2 Massachusetts caming to you and you waiting 👏🤔 nice work…what must done? Go back behind island get a smoke and fire HP burn all ships

  20. This is my favorite ship I got my second karken with her and the final kill was a ram 😈

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