Merry Christmas, Commanders! | World of Warships

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Merry Christmas, Commanders! Enjoy our Christmas special for holidays!

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  1. Like if u were here before 100 likes

  2. Merry Christmas

  3. Santa’s so powerful he does not need to look to play the game

    Also Merry Christmas all!

  4. Well im smelling sharks vs eagles season 2 on 2019
    Well anyways Merry Christmas to all!!!

  5. Immanuel Gilveneli Agnes

    Happy holidays fellow captains….looks like this rivalry will continue next year….

  6. Cat fight on Christmas?.. easy girls

  7. Hhmmm………. Did WG Will Increase Cache To Get A Ships On Santa Container ? ( Btw Merry Cristmass)

  8. Santa, give them another one so they don’t have to fight!!! Unless there’s mud wrestling involved, then they should definitely do that.

  9. camo’s is the most there giving out’ not buying any more

  10. Why doesnt santa give them kiddy pool and baby oil and then watch?

  11. ‘presses N’. *Ship Horns*. When it stopped, u hear,”Hohohohoho!” Merry Shipsmas and why u sell alaska at 1 mil WG?

  12. 2:31 2 girls 1 cup

  13. mmm…. as far as I remember Santa Claus never sell a gift box.

  14. Should have Jingles as Santa instead of Grey.


  15. Earl Gray is Santa Clause? oh my,,, what he won’t do? LoL

  16. Tired of the cat fighting — needs to end — grow up already

  17. clicking Santa Claus container banner (to non-WG readers: it’s under the container screen, not merely in port; on container screen, big rectangle center left ) message: Premium shop is currently unavailable. (and you want to clicky this for two containers, if you read the article)
    I get it; I spend too much on Christmas already, didn’t I :p

    And the daily mission container gave me coal 🙁
    It was the in-game chat, wasn’t it santa?
    I *promise* I’ll do better next year, *trulies* #

    #meaning Auzor_S will do his best to come up with better and more creative insults for the selection of windowlickers, gluesniffers and potatoes that the WG MM has managed to shift into his team.


  18. Looks like they need to settle their differences on the high seas.

  19. Hey WG! Where are our gifts ?

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