Middle-Push | Two Brothers | World of Warships

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Scharnhorst Top Rush Mid Two Brothers 127k DMG / 8 Kills

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  1. Let’s play lemmings with multi million dollars state of the art warships.

  2. Was that luck when he killed the dd at 6:40?

  3. how would you submit a video?


  5. Gutsy, lucky and enjoyable!!

  6. wow, dont go in the channel but if youre a channel-brawler thats how you do it


  8. Question from a non-WoWS player – doesn’t it get old hearing that kill sound? No. No it does not 🙂 😛

  9. Great game, interesting that it is only 120K damage, I thought it would be way more.

  10. Its completly mad to go on the midle but was fun he killed ship like he maybe said ur on my front i will kill ur on my back i will kill u. whos the next ?Come on and the battle ended

  11. Neeext

  12. Best battle EVER !!!!! ??

  13. still in disbelief

  14. Unfair plane! He kemp mid!

  15. They knew the way

  16. Hut ab + Daumen hoch ….

  17. Сергей Петров

    He was like Leonid and 300 Spartans were in a canyon. And enemies were stupid!

  18. Lemming trail of noobs doesn’t hurt when covering the middle

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