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Played in recently released hotfix, game turned out awesome and I discuss the changes. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Carrier Midway Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Friend Invite

https://discord.gg/33xzEjR – Discord Server


  1. Of course Khaba is made out of stalinium.

  2. Cvs got nerf to the ground there no point playing them anymore. All we can do take a break and wait for the balance to be right all Dds captain should be happy there back to being op ships again

    • +johnny b What CV line you play? I Bet USN,, why don’t you play IJN CV and come back later….

    • +Reed Dragon HAHA! Nailed it. I did see a Haku get 1st place the other day… on the enemy team. I however haven’t played the IJN CVs since the mega-nerf.

    • +johnny b then play it, I said play it, and come back later… if can’t just try IJN CV line

    • +Reed Dragon I have the Hakuryu and after the nerf it’s not worth playing. I can do more damage in a tier 5 BB.

    • Cant say that you have to just git giod while i see out of my smoke and stealth torp. Yep perfict Notser and the rest of cc have my back yep. DD can now go back to bitching ab ok ut radar maybe then they can get that removed and just 10 dd perside so they can @@!@@ each other

  3. 147k damage after all that work in a T10 aircraft carrier, you sure that isn’t a Lexington? Carriers have worse DPM than BBs, I’d be willing to bet that Yamato broke 240k.

  4. All I hear is nerf nerf nerf and nerf.

    • +Just a random Horse. Not only now CVS have to risk a whole squadron getting shot down just to do minimal damage, they’ll even have no way of defending themselves. It’s like fighting a bear with fucking rocks.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Erik Rodriguez “rewarded for high risk damage” – There was a risk on dev striking people with no defenses? I did not know that.

    • +Erik Rodriguez yes blamming other classes’ players for CV’s nerf. When WG is the one behind it. They clearly dont want CV to be too distinctive between good or bad player. So in order to make a class with lower skill ceiling, they have to be bad. If not any moron can use a CV and destroy the other team.

    • +Just a random Horse. and now CV lost their dev strike capability,, happy now?? 100k dmg just for 100k credits

    • +CloneD Anon Couldn’t agree more. Take it to the forums and make WG hear about these problems

  5. Pls play with tier 6 carriers too.

  6. That Khaba is now complaining about the CV rework while in fact he had died a lot sooner with the old system. DDs can still be played successfully, just not like that.

  7. Why do we have to pay for a captain reskill during this ongoing changes?

  8. *CV’s have been nerfed into nearly pointless class now!* 147k for 20 minute game? Other ship classes would be pushing over 200k….Those DD’s were not even manuvering… Hell that Khaba grounded and then just stood in place. Gearing was going slow af without any maneuvering or smoking up. Khaba without last stand are you kidding? Oh and do now Hakuryu now please. Its total trash now. Thanks a lot Notser and other CC’s for ruining the fun even for us who liked the CV rework, you are clearly also part of the problem, not the solution.

    • Bosun Bones midways average was only 76k it didn’t need any nerfs but all I’m trying to figure out why in the fuck did they even bring this dog shit to the game if all their going to do if nerf them to oblivion!!! Should just kept the shit the way it was previous to 0.8.0

    • ​+Andrew978 Yep, but the averages are also scewed up and do not represent the real averages, because during the first week the AA was weak and the Hakuryu abuse was running rampant. Those two things alone scewed up the averages. Secondly averages will tell the real picture only after few months or so, BUT we can look at the TREND of CV averages and it has been going DOWN after the first week! It will be going even further down as these nerfs constantly coming in!

    • CloneD Anon yeah I think I’m just going to take a break from the game for a while until WG decides whether they want the cv rework to succeed or not. I’m going to give it to the day before the cv refund goes away and if it ain’t got this shit improved by then I’m selling all my CVs for doubloons and free XP. What’s the point in having them if they can’t be fun to play

    • +Andrew978 whats the point in playing? They brought this out and every week they fuck it even more Notser and all the other CC eat the shit of the other. WG said here is a new toy, or you, like well Notser say no so f you by my shit.

  9. “Game turned out awesome.”
    Serious? With this completely unplayable ****?

  10. So lets analyze the game play real quick. The carrier focused on a single misplayed, over extended Khaba for 1/3 of the game to score 30K damage. He then spotted and scored a singular strike on an over extend, misplayed Gearing. He then donated a ton of plane kills until the end when already damaged ships were mostly burned and flooded to death.  Now if you paid attention to the kills the first 6 ships lost, 4 were destroyers, only one of which did the CV focus on. So is it safe to say that the carrier isnt killing the destroy play, but that destroyers are ruining their own play? Even the Haragumo that appears takes only a singular rocket from the CV and isnt spotted by him but by his own misplay of leaving his smoke. Before the carrier can kill secure/steal, the destroyer is killed by a battleship. By the 9:20 mark in match all the destroyers have been killed with only one having been focused by the CV/Notser. So what does this say to you? Yes, we dont see what the red CV is doing unless you want to watch the minimap and alerts above it, but it seems as though the game play is ruined by the players in the destroyers, at least the red teams, and not the player in the carrier.

    • Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds


    • Agreed! Sadly other players of BBs and Cruisers do not bitch as much as DD Players

    • +Asthaven I agree that DD’s are not the issue, it is the bad DD players who constantly whine are the real issue.

    • I fully agree with that and actually ranted about it in another post, on a nother video. Its a multifold issue but what you said is another part of it. In my post, I wish I remember where I posted, I said that the issue was the over glorification of escort vessels in this game. With the way the game has developed, there is a mostly a 3 sided balance issue that carriers dont fit into, yet when it comes to fleet action it should include tthe carrier and not the destroyer. If its going to be a 3 way balance, destroyers need to occupy a position in the middle and not one of the corner of the traingle, or the balance needs to count in all 4 ship classes. In this game the destroyer holds some bizarre position as if its a might warship when in fact it should fill in the role as support ship where cruisrers and carriers have both sort of been forced.

  11. No its not looking good at all. As you said. My experience with the Shokaku is following: 4 out of 5 games i am the only tier 8 ship. Against at least one Worcester and a De Moines all bundled up. Please show me one of those replays and show me how you contribute to the game

    • yeah, he won’t ever show those games because they don’t fit the narrative.

    • i ve played shokaku in alot of t10 games and i tell you early game you are a spotting machine (used to cause now planes just die out of nowhere) and dd harass (can`t do that anymore vs any dd or could not pre 0.8.3 vs certain dds like heavy aa t10 dds or even t9 dds) and late game you can contribute some dmg and maybe get some kills when aa is lower. best games i had on t10 is 80k+ dmg , i ve 2ble 3ple citadeled de moins ,montanas ,worcesters ,zaos even minos in the open or blind in his smoke and even had a 4 kill game but my main issue in all those very good games was this : too much work for and enormous effort to get a strike and rng does you a favour with citadels or flood and never ever top on the scoreboard even in a 4 kill game and most important it didn`t feel i turned the match nor had that much of an influence same way i ve done with a t8 dd with significant less effort in t10 or a t8 cl. also even if you do your best ,your absolute best , early game where the dmg and dev strikes dictate the game course you are helpless and useless dmg wise you solo depend on how your team does and if you are in a potato team you lost and there is nothing you can do about it. in 2 words you cannot carry in a t8 cv no matter how unicum you are when clearly you can carry in any other t8 class.

    • Well you bought yourself a weak (because of spotter for 11,5 million credits. I have the same experience. 7 games, only one vs tier VI ships (well, 2 per team). Stock planes are absolute garbage and enemy team never splits up. My avg dmg is awful. So I stopped playing it. From my past experiences Ranger was better than RJ, so maybe Lex is better too.

      Oh, but the best thing is that sometimes your planes are being shot at when you don’t even see a single ship. xD

    • +R3dEye Gaming yep Noster wants to beef up DDs so they are the dominant class CVs started to counter play them so that is why all the hate for the CV class now. Noster has a following and he riles up his base to make war gaming bend to his will. Taking to the forum and spouting non sense about how CVs are making DDs unplayable. LOL I just tell them to git gud and be done, but, war gaming takes it to hart and listens to these vocal few.

  12. no. dont try to sugar coat it, carriers are so underpowered now i stopped playing them

    • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

      WG releases a crappy CV rework -> CV 500k dmg record happens -> WG freaks out and HARD NERFS ALL CVS
      Classic WG

    • +99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b you forgot to mention that the old record was broken scores of times within a few days, CV’s could herd the entire enemy team without needing to do anything thinking and single handedly win the game without even aiming. There are DD fanboys that cry that it’s overpowered at the slightest buff and CV fanboys that cry under-powered at the slightest nerf. Don’t be a fan-boy. Notser didn’t do anything particularly hard here, but he still hugely impacted the game and did decent damage. It’s in a decent state.

    • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

      ​+pieskmista I am a BB fanboy

    • +Christoph B Those ships had AA problems before the rework.

  13. why are you playing 80% of the time the high tier cvs to show new cv changes? only playing the low tiers at the absolute minimum dont really like it

    • yep the weirdest shit about every single CC is that they only make video about high tier. AND MAKE ONE SINGLE VIDEO ABOUT ONE LOW TIER SHIP IN GAME.

    • I’d say because the only reason to play low tiers is to get to the higher tiers and learn new abilities gradually. The whole game revolves around T10, every other tier is just a stepping stone to get there.

  14. Now do it with a Lexington.

  15. 5 mins to take out a khaba that doesn`t move at all , poor dds . now try a t8 cv in t10 game and tell us how it goes

  16. The Amazing Mystico

    I was learning CVs with the Hosho. Play a Hosho, use its rocket planes against DD’s and tell me how great that is. When a DD charges your Hosho tell me how great it feels to have nothing to counter except attack planes with the dispersion of a blunderbuss, AP bombs that over-penetrate, and single torp drops. Let me know when they fix this mess.

  17. Can you stop making videos in T10 CV’s and do videos in T8 CV’s against Tier 10 AA… please.

    • +Jerry Glaze There are like maybe two CC’s that do have the balls to show how much worse its for lower tier CV’s, but they are not these “popular” ones like Notser or Flamu…

    • +CloneD Anon if there fair cc I will take a look. Who are they?

    • +Jerry Glaze Maybe like Zoup (full name NoZoupForYou), i like his optimism and he speaks some truth. Hell he is one few who took even the side of liking the CV rework while everyone else were and still are on the fences.

    • +CloneD Anon very true. And I agree with his “if no one is dieing its not a big deal”.
      And I have to admit that this patch sent me into the Simone is dieing lol
      This just really makes me sad for WG they put all this effert into something that was DOA will half the player base and apparently basically all the CC.
      Now with this patch I played it last night it was rage inducing. Brit CV are off the table now to.
      Its just madding that a few CC did not even give it a chance.

  18. 5 minutes into this video and I want to uninstall the game. I’ve adapted to CV play, I use the Midway mainly, and that RNG you had against the Khabarovsk pisses me off.

  19. I really wish you would cover the whole game, not just tier 10. The change effect on low levels is really painful. It’s not the same game, and it’s like the CCs are in a different world than those of us working up the tiers.

  20. Yes finally people are realizing how trash these nerfs are. Hakuryu before the nerfs in the rework was not mindless ship farming, I used it on the public test and it required genuine skill to learn how to aim the torp drops for different ship types and different angles and figuring out the lead. Those who got really good at it were the ones pushing 500k in randoms, like the super unicums. It took me a lot of tries to get over 400k, and honestly why not? Someone with a Gearing got over 400k before, CVs need high damage potential too damnit! These nerfs get absolutely ridiculous and I’m angry at the testers who condone stamping out any good strategy with these carriers and want to just meander around taking hundreds of plane losses while getting minimal damage as a reward.

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