Midway 458K EU damage record in 16 minutes | World of Warships

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Midway 458K EU damage record in 16 minutes | World of Warships

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  1. Description:

    He crashed to login screen twice at the start of the game… Oh what could have been….
    Enemy CV wasn’t dangerous so he didn’t focus on controlling his fighters that much. He focused on winning the game for the team 😀

  2. so this is the EU top DMG on all ships 😉 enjoy

  3. This is actually more impressive than the other one as there are actually cruisers this game lul

    • I wouldnt really say that, before the New Orleans died he only had 37k dmg, the Hipper and Zao didnt even matter this round since they were North very far from the BBs on the west…so at the end was pretty much the same, farm BBs with garbage AA, the only decent one being the Conqueror, even for the NC the Midway is too much to handle if not AA specd also, I think it is pretty clear that the enemy CV on this one was not as good as the one of the 484k dmg game, if thats the “other” game you mean.

  4. BBabies in the chat who cry about carriers when it only takes an AA cruiser or some grouping up. People want to cry about how OP carriers are when all it really is just a massive potato punisher. You stray off you die, It’s that simple. It’s the same argument of I don’t want to change the way I’m playing or use my brain to adapt, I just want it nerfed so I don’t have to deal with it. If you disagree watch his first strike attempt into a group of low AA level bb’s when his planes melt it’s “shocking I tell you”… well shocking to just idiots.

  5. Schöne Runde, aber der andere CV hat durch seine bescheidene Erfahrung im Bezug auf X-Träger natürlich seinen Teil dazu beigetragen, keine Minotaur, oder eine Neptune oder eine Des Moines auf der Gegnerseite,
    fast alle Runden sind hier High-Tier:

  6. Midway top dmg in all servers?

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