Midway: Easy MM – World of Warships

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Im using stock torpedo bombers, i think its better than researchable ones.

Midway — American Tier X aircraft сarrier.

The largest U.S. Navy warship laid down during World War II. The huge size this aircraft carrier allowed her to carry the largest air group, compared to her contemporary counterparts. Excellent torpedo protection, well-armored flight deck and powerful defenses made -class ships virtually invulnerable to attacks from enemy aircraft.
World Warships


  1. ราตรี นิรันดร์กาล


  2. Why did you take the 4 torp drop spread and not the six?

  3. Lol to enemy team all behind islands and being a shitplayers

  4. Andreas Holm Hansen

    Toptier i love your vids and i subbed and clicked the bell

  5. Can you share the commander skills and all the ship upgrades ?

  6. What was the reason for wargaming taking away Midways AP bombers?

    • When the CV rework happened, the US and Japan got their own national flavor of bomb. Japan got AP Bombs, and the US got HE bombs.

  7. What do you think about the health nerf Midway’s bombers got in 0.8.7?

  8. Interesting. I will try out the stock torpedo bombers tonight

  9. ヘルサイズ・シロエ

    And you just earned 20k…

  10. how do you not have 1 million?

  11. Great game as usual from one of my favorite players to watch.

  12. Крестьянин Семён

    Так себе бой. Бестолково ходить на ордер всем звеном. Надо было разделить самолёты

  13. Why he use Skyraider?.

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