Midway: Ranked – World of Warships

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protect DDs, kill DDs, kill who wants to kill DDs, all about DDs..
my Midway build: http://www.toptier.pro/midway


  1. This video shows the difference of an experienced competitive CV player versus a CV player that just farms damage. The enemy CV never once went after your teams DD or bother to counter your relentless attacks on them. He kept throwing his planes away.

    Ranked is not about pure damage, it’s about doing the right damage to the right ships that contribute to your team’s victory. 🙂

    • +wildtoast actually level bombers are good vs dds ( at least i do good in them)

    • +Sarp Kaplan yeah maybe i am bad with them🤔

    • I try to do attack the right ships to contribute to the team, except I can’t seem to mitigate AA damage, especially when their entire team is clumped up combining their AA. I’ve tried maneuvering and changing speed to minimize plane losses, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any tips?

    • +wildtoast Actually in my experience RN Rockets work wonders against dds, thanks to the fast velocity and sheer number of rockets they throw.

    • Sarp Kaplan Audacious SUCKS againsts then though with the bombers because they take sooooooooo damn long the drop

  2. 1:45am en México

  3. What was voice processing that you use in this game?

    • alexander ovetchkin, i think is the name of the special commander, that, as far as i know, is no longer available.

    • +Vaqz xKh@0z He is a solid commander for the Midway, with his enhanced survivability expert to make his planes tougher.

  4. any tips for playing the new rework CV ?

  5. Proves that low damage does not mean bad play. Well done Mr. TopTier!

  6. I feel sorry for the dd

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