Midway Rework DMG Record || World of Warships

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  1. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

    Only a few people know how to play CVs. I am not one of them

  2. At least it’s not *COUGH* 550K *COUGH COUGH COUGH* oh god I still need to have a break from 0.8…..

    • He just had a mony game that was about the same damage. I bet you thought that was great.
      Just say wow this guy had a good match.

  3. New intro video? Brilliant! I have often seen the player. I also saw a video of the player in a Minotaur. 11 kills in one Round, that was really impressive.
    Neues Intro Video? Genial! Den Spieler habe ich schon öfters gesehn. Hab auch mal nen Video von dem Spieler gesehn in einer Minotaur. 11 Kills in einer Runde, das war echt beeindruckend.
    Danke für die ganzen tollen Videos, Panzerknacker.

  4. To be honest here, whenever I see a CV replay I am instantly reminded of Battle 360.

  5. Whoahhhh, 3 enemy aircraft killed, what a CV !

  6. lol the guy in tchat ^^” DUMBASS CV” lol ^^

  7. I do really love the opening tbh

  8. Long time player of the game here and all this video did was piss me off. What awful game balance. I mean the guy only used 2 of his aircraft type for most of the match and still managed to set a record. What an infuriating video. No offense to the player, but this is clearly broken game design.

    • Just a random Horse.

      Wargaming and balance… No such thing I’m afraid

    • Dude, this guy is a WOWS god. Very very few people can play like this. This is a cherry picked game of course by one of the best players, and certainly is not representative of what you can expect to see. You could say the same thing about any top player in any boat. The game is broken becasue they are so good. Of course it’s not, you’re watching watching one of the best players around.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +The Gaming Python That doesn’t solve all the issues carriers pose , the issues we already have in the game which have never been fixed, the idiotic idea of more premiums MORE PREMIUMS MOOOOORE PREEEEEMIUMS (which ofc tend to be better than the tech tree variants IE Stalinbullshit, Jean Bart and so on) instead of fixing matchmaking once and for all and tweaking all ships… – Still though, at least we have carriers *sigh*

    • +Just a random Horse. As someone who is NOT a developer, I don’t really know what is going on on the developer’s side as far as updating the games goes or what unmentioned obstacles they face. They did however say on an episode of Waterline they want to do something about MM, particularly the T8 Vs. T10 debacle, they’re not sure how to do that with out hurting MM for T10 players (they are people to).

      In the words of John Stuart Mill:

      “He who knows only his own side of the case knows little”

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Matthew Tencza how could they possibly fucken hurt tier 10 players? Making them fight equal ships? That’s so stupid my brain hurts. * Unless tier 10 players are so bad they need to farm tier 8 ships which are significantly inferior in every way possible. To which I say fuck off.

  9. want to play naval game, planes dominate the game.. xD

  10. 보지다찢어버리고싶다메갈워마드페미걸레

    Is this game played after hotfix???

  11. And they said the rework was going to remove the skill gap between good and bad players (rolls eyes).

  12. This video may help with my Midway games. I’ve struggled to make those torpedo bombers work, but this guy uses them like a pro! I also never though to boost my Dive bombers for the 1st half of the drop.

  13. Love how much crap that guy was talking about him and he absolutely dominated early game. Took 2 ships off the map pretty quick

  14. Its still is way to easy to hit bombs/rockets

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