Midway vs AA Monsters: 0.8.7 World of Warships

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0.8.7 AA weaker than previous patch because flaks is not accurate as 0.8.6. I was very comfortable agains AA monsters like Minotaur, Montana, Republique etc.


  1. Important Moments:
    0:45 Harugumo+Minotaur+Republique
    2:07 Salem
    3:15 Yoshino+Minotaur
    5:02 Double turn, Montana
    6:42 Republique+Zao+Grozovoi+Conqueror – Chain drop
    8:10 Farming Republique

  2. One thing I’ve been trying was pretending to do an attack run on a ship then turning 180 degrees away from the ship to bait out the priority AA sector. Then after it’s on cooldown, go back with my attack run

    • Reimu I can see faking an attack with torpedo bombers being pretty effective but with dive bombers I’m not so sure. Perhaps with strike aircraft it can be done as well.

    • @Adrian Shephard This is true. With TBs, you can easily fake it but for DB is a bit more trickier. One strat I did was get in range but do a quick slingshot and fly past them, do a quick 180, and then do the real drop from the other side (you lose the angle but you get the drops off)

    • Reimu interesting. Thanks for the tip Reimu. But could you tell me what you would do if you run into an enemy team that sticks together and pools their AA? Because I run into that problem a lot. And sometimes they just won’t break off from each other and that’s frustrating.

    • @Adrian Shephard you get your DD to send torps and make them break off. also using torpedo bombers from range to make them evade it will cause them to break off from each other. other than that, you just ignore them and focus the other ships who are alone + tell your team to rotate around and cap th eother points

    • Reimu roger that. Thanks again Reimu for the tip. Still trying to develop my skills after the carrier rework so any helpful tips is greatly appreciated.

  3. I smell an 8.7.1 in the coming days.

    • Well they also let 8.6 happen which was broken in the other direction…. 8.7 is not as broken as 8.6 but its maybe a bit too weak aa. I only could kill about 15 planes while using sector on aa specced Montana…… So yeah I belive aa is a bit weak now. But I don’t think a 8.7. 1 will happen.

  4. Why are u tier 9 planes

  5. Its still disgusting damage and terrable idea of 1 plane at a time.

    • disgusting good or disgusting bad?

    • @FrycoN thays what I am saying.. Its Terrable that it is that low

    • this is short and one sided game, aircraft carriers makes the biggest impact in the last 10 minutes.

    • @Jerry Glaze Actually 130k damage in any ship is a good game. If you look at CV in tech tree tier 8 and tier 10 there are no CV with an Average WR above 50%. people are hung up on Large damage numbers and most never show game where they got wrecked.

    • @sub ohm all of that is true however. How many insults have cv players had to put up with that any damage is to much. We get to see 300k plus from every other ship.
      I am really beyond it at this point WOW is not relevant anymore in my life. I check in now and again.

  6. Can you play stock Hakuryu?

  7. I’m doing significantly more damage now, even with the Graf when I’m bottom tier. Can actually attack Tier X cruisers with success.

  8. AND autopilot can go in wiggly lines now

  9. Do you prefer the skyraiders over the destroyers or are you still testing to see which one better suits you?

    • im getting better results with Skyraider. Destroyer always misses a few torpedoes.

    • Toptier Interesting. Also with the strike aircraft do you prefer the HVAR rockets or Tiny Tim’s? I know with Tiny Tim’s they Deal more damage with a successful hit than the HVARs do but you have more rockets with the HVAR loadout and you have a higher chance of more rockets hitting than one or two.

    • Tiny Tims overpowered in my opinion, useful against any target.

    • @Toptier Tiny Tims do do decent damage HVAR do have more rockets but dont do raw damage and you dont seem to get anymore fires from HVAR than you do from Tiny Tims

  10. Yea, cvs are too strong now.
    Oh wg, u have done it again.

  11. I have not played in while and dont think I will. I would think over the next few days when people realize they actually have to invest points in AA skills and switch sectors the AA damage will increase

    • I jumped on and tried Haku Midway and GZ on coop cause at least the bots use sectors and I did lose less planes didn’t see no Minos or Worcesters so not sure about them. Could test AA as no one played a CV

  12. Just wondering why you are using the Skyraiders, any advantages?

  13. This seem like a really good change to the balance, except the part where you DB so ez the Yoshino+Mino, maybe they need to tune the numbers a little more or is was that none of those use the burst.

  14. omg the whole enemy team was fucking potatoes that I feel like reporting all of them

  15. The rocket planes are way too OP against DDs, they need to nerf the dispersion or add some more dropping time, look at the RN bomber you know what I mean. There’s no way for a DD to dodge rockets but smoking up. When the AA is this weak, I cant even defend myself against these planes with my AA spec gearing yesterday, yes, with manual AA and BFT, defensive fire up and totally rekt by a RN CV in my standard khaba with a mino 2 KM away from me. Yes, I ran for help from mino when I see rocket planes coming and still gets killed from 10K HP. They need to nerf the rockets and enhance torps. Now the CV is just too weak against larger ships and way too OP on DDs especially on those DDs without smokes

  16. Honestly what I’ve noticed the most is that survivability of aircraft after a strike is better. You really do recover more aircraft with that quicker aircraft disengagement time.

  17. I will add one of the main factors it seems AA was nerfed was not the fact AA was buffed on weak AA ships and nerfed on strong AA ships, it was the fact they toned AA in a way the player must use sector controls to make the AA more effective. I tested with clan mates in training room and found a player with good situational awareness using sector control is far deadlier to CV players than the average joe that does not use it.

    Players that got free kills from AI in 0.8.6 will notice the largest drop in the air kills this patch. I am sure some tweaks may be incoming but overall my experience with AA this patch in a CV or facing CV in ships is the player that times his sector control effectively will beat an air attack. Let’s be honest a good portion of the community does not use sector controls right now and even didn’t pre 0.8.7.

  18. Waiting Noob Player report : Remove CV ! :v

  19. I have Question

    Why Midway used AD-1 torpedo bombers????

    I think your Midway already reseach BTD torpedo bombers.

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