Midway: World of Warships

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The pinnacle of the American aircraft carrier line, Midway is best suited for the flexible, fool-proof combat. Jack-of-all-Trades preset and parameters make her able to react to any threats quickly and counter them even if the original plan is falling apart.

R; Planes have relatively health compared to Hakuryu.
– High potential damage over time (via and floods).
– Strong anti-aircraft suite.
– Dive bombers are equipped with AN-M66 2000lb (907kg) High explosive that inflict tremendous damage if they hit.
– Hull is relatively well armored and torpedo-proof, allowing to keep closer to action and therefore lower aircraft travel time.
– Tiny Tims have high penetration and high damage for rockets.

World of Warships mods:
im using offical mod station – https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/modstation/
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle


  1. Erster Kommentar und zweiter Aufruf.

  2. that team was so depressing.

  3. Can I ask? Is the AD-1 Skyraider better for Midway?

  4. could you greet me in your next video

  5. Tooooo strong tier x aa

  6. Although this team won something for sure, it’s ‘the most useless team of the year award.’

  7. RomuloCavalcanti 1905

    Noob team

  8. ShitWG should do something about these trash players… It’s so stressful play like that.

  9. Hey do you accept replays if so i have one with my enterprise on ranked spirit

  10. Everytime i do well in my cv we lose in the first ten minutes or win in the first 5

  11. 4torp good?

  12. Midway’s maintenance costs are too high

    • you can buy. but you cant pay the maintenance. wtf

    • @Forgotten Head What do you think when you have a good game with 200k damage done and you still deducted up to 100k money

    • Daisy é a melhor princesa

      I guess premium camo solves that problem. I have Hakuryu and her permanent camo. Almost always I can finish a match with +40k credits

    • @Daisy é a melhor princesa hmm. The problem is that the cost of buying them is too big for me. (maybe a few tens of hundred dollars is small for you, but for Vietnamese people, is that a lot of money)

  13. Едуард Фещак

    Братан ат души

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