Midway – World of Warships

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I lost my connection in middle of the game.

World of Warships mods:
im using offical mod station – https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/modstation/
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- perks in battle


  1. World of Warships bonus codes, all tested on eu

  2. first #1

  3. Is it possible to have more than 3 squadrons ? like before ?

    Oh and also how do you go on the map to control all your’e squadrons ?

    • I think the 0.8 update was when all the carrier mechanics changed. No more multi-squadron controls, just one at a time, manual control as seen in this video.

      I just started playing recently and never got to see the old carrier play, minus watching older videos.

    • @Miles Keller ok thx i’m just sad of the 0.8 new mechanics because i dreamed to do massive attacks on one boat with all my squadrons ;(

    • @Miles Keller Yeah I was around with the old CV attacks you could demolish a ship with 2 torpedo attacks from 2 directions it was very fun but also took loads of multi-tasking because while you did an attack you had to worry about another side of the map or the enemy CV strafing your planes.

    • That’s the old RTS system. Check out Farazelleths old videos from before 0.8.0 patch. CVs in the hands of experts were definitely OP


  5. Do you like the Midway more than Haku?

  6. I just noticed why is their a French flag on the midway?

  7. Currently i have a discount coupon for buying prem ships, and i already have Enterprise and GZ. Is Kaga and Saipan are worth to buy in the current patch?

    • Both are good but you already have very good aircraft carriers. I recommend you to watch videos of Saipan and Kaga on my channel.

    • Kaga is very good, especially when top tier due to the number of torp bombers you can launch in one strike. Makes hitting DDs with torps much more easy

  8. Man I wish my audio files weren’t messed up like many atm. I wanna hear the new CV audio

  9. what do you think of the new sounds? i dont like the new boost sound, it just sounds out of place

    • New game sounds are bugged. We gave feedback on PTS, warned the developers in the forum, but they did not listen. It is more accurate to evaluate after the patch coming this week.

  10. Pretty good game, unfortunate disconnect. I’d personally focus DDs more, but oh well. Why are you using the skyraiders? Do you not have the BTDs unlocked yet or do you like the stock plane better for some reason? I can’t think of any reason based off the visible stats. And on your build: I really would not recommend using DE. With the amount of hits you got i would estimate one fire to be from having DE. Tiny Tims and the bombs have such a large fire chance that the increase from DE is relatively small. It would make more sense on the HVARs. Instead of DE I picked Torpedo Acceleration and then finished the build with AR and the engine boost 1-pointers. Looking forward to the next vid.

  11. 와 구축은 절때 안찾고 딜딸만 오지게 하네 역겹다 이게 잘하는건가 구독 취소요;;

  12. I’ve had disconnects happen before, so I get you.

  13. All bomber on USA cv use regular bomb.while in JP cv is the bomb broke

  14. Hey, so I’m wondering if it is even worth going for Audacious. I already have Midway and Hakuryu (love the Hak) and was wondering your opinion @Toptier

  15. Im a good player with CAs and BBs, but im rly trash in CVs and i wana learn how to play with carrier, is Midway is a good choice to play ? i will star whatch your videos to learn more about CVs.(sorry if my english sucks).

  16. Why use stock torpedo bomber?

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