Mighty Hood – 168K 7Kills, 2x Close Quaters | World of Warships

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  1. Quaters?…. what, are you in Boston? Lol

  2. And by the 2nd kill the score is higher than mine usually is for an entire battle lol

  3. Ah Hood, a ship I wish I could love. If only she had the gun handling and shell performance of Warspite I think it would love her. Atleast she is suprisingly tanky and can react pretty quickly to new situations thanks to excellent turret traverse and suprisingly good turn rate (even if the circle itself is massive)

  4. **Hood runs aground**
    Me imagining: Hey, this is Noster.

  5. Oh, that New Mexico…. :/ Never coming inside 2 grids of the map until 1:09 left

  6. Hood and Gneisenau, nice cooperation lol.

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