Mighty Mo in Gold – World of Warships

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Missouri was one of my most successful ships this ranked season in Gold league.

I can’t really say why, it must have been just luck, because trying to make any sense whatsoever out of this ranked season is a russian roulette.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Missy has been my go to as well! Love the Iowa ish accuracy and the radar is great seeing as good team play is a meme…. I still haven’t had the effort to rank out tho lol

  2. Miss. Mighty Mo……. Gotta luv a gal that’s got big whoopin gunz

  3. Olaf Messchendorp

    I just use ranked to grind my Rupprecht to be honest

  4. At 4:09 you laugh like Steve Rubell (Mike Meyers) in the Studo 54 film as he was very stoned from ecstasy! XD XD XD

  5. David Chrysostom

    CV player suddenly got stage fright when he realized this would be on YouTube, lol

  6. There is only one thing good about a cv in ranked, the map is small and they can’t run that far, other than that it is cancer!

  7. FreedomFighterEx

    Kaga turn into Baka real quick.

  8. Were you running an aa build?

  9. tuna boat is the perfect version of ranked teammates, full potato.

    i like the way you didnt use your radar 🙂

  10. y they changed it you can get kraken,high caliber and so on in tier 1 too

  11. For a second I thought he was playing Montana and I got really excited/confused xD

  12. 9:51 since when can shells bounce?

  13. Love your EXCELLENT work 🙏 but I wish you would include your build and captain skills to help us potatoes out

  14. 11:14 Perhaps you should just state the fact that you scored 3 kills in that game, it’s not embarrassing to have 3 kills in a game. Stop inflating with “shoulda’s” If it should’ve then you would’ve.

  15. Missouri stronk soviet flak comrade 😂

  16. well historically you shot down a full Kaga complement of planes, as she only carried 60 at full combat readyness.. your team shot down 101 total planes..

  17. Had very good luck this season running Friesland/Groningen and kearsarge.

  18. We dont need CV’s in Ranked Matches ! CV’s are for noobs !

  19. I earned a Kraken Unleashed in a Tier 2 game in the Storozhevoi once. It was essentially me versus one other player for the Red team and a whole bunch of bots. It can be done.

  20. mhm
    aaa is over powered?

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