MIGHTY MO – regroup and comeback ✖️ World of Warships

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  1. well I thought comeback to premium shop

  2. midway flag season 4 for reaching rank 15? what a random flag….

  3. World of broadsides
    And baboons

  4. Лох и дно простояло весь бой за островом и потом вернулось чтобы еще постоять за островом. рукалицо
    аутичный заостровной геймплей набирает популярность.

  5. nice comeback

  6. его все обижали и обижали, а он как в Роки вернулся и всех наказал

  7. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    That was like four shots four kills there

  8. One of the best battles I’ve seen. I love comebacks like that. And holy crap those broadside ships at less than 8 kilometers is like a feast!

  9. Is this without the credit flags? Sorry I can’t tell. The income seems a bit low unless no flags were used then it’s quite good.

  10. he came back pissed!  LOL

  11. Man that was satisfying.

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