Mike and I Versus Stream Snipers! Live Comms (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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  1. Pathetic people stream snipe. I’ve always looked at it as a form of cheating. have you ever thought of having your stream Delayed by 30 sec or a min to avoid this. I know Dr.Disrespect does because they are always trying to stream snipe him.

  2. I’ve honestly gotten into games with you occasionally and I usually move away from you because I know you’ll probably dev strike me instantly lol

  3. Great game spartan and monte should’ve got to 1v1 you!

  4. NICE! Always a grin to get into a match with ya Spartan, even BETTER to be on your team and help get the win!!

  5. Here watching from school never missing a spartan video

  6. Old Guy Gaming Network

    Dang, with that many F-bombs bet you had to run to the store and pick up a couple of fresh crates to resupply 🙂

  7. Old Guy Gaming Network

    I remember when this game used to be fun on the PC, you could dev strike a full health cruiser with a single broadside if they were dumb enough to go broadside to a battleship. I still remember a game where I dev struck three full health cruisers out of the game with my first three salvos. The salt flowing in chat was glorious. From raging against Wargamming to accusing me of cheating somehow and all points in between.

  8. Howdy spartan how you been? I have a question
    If you could add any ship from history to wowsl what would it be, any nation and any timeline.
    My pick would be akagi or musashi.

  9. Counting in is fine, but stream sniping otherwise is really annoying.

  10. At 7:09 you can see how truly horrible my aim was this match 😂😂

  11. StickMasterCaleb 32

    After this Campaign I Better see something new and Fresh like a French H.C or Italian Premium Battleship

  12. Juan Diego Murillo Calvo

    A really good showcase of the Georgia, American BBs are not exactly my thing, but they are pretty reliable ships and more often that not, they get shit done. It was a really fun match! It would be nice to see the Vladivostok a litlle bit more, its a seriously underrated ship.

  13. An analysis & recommendation regarding this match…

    I took the liberty of calculating the number of F-Bombs Spartan unleashed (using my ACME F-Bomb-0-Meter-U.S. patent pending) which was approximately 28 in a 12-minute match (I’m sure I missed a few but the man can be an F-Bomb rail gun at any given moment, then go suddenly PG-13–hence easy to miss a few if one isn’t paying mindful attention) which calculated to roughly 2.33 Shameless & Disgusting F-Bombs every 30 seconds giving this channel a solid R-rating but not quite that NC-17 level of F-Bombs I’m accustomed to as a content subscriber.

    This begs the question is SpartanElite 43 slipping? He might be. Then again he may not. Time and future data measurements should be quite revealing.

    What I can say is that this channel reaches phenomenal levels of entertainment when Spartan gets aggravated, therefore for selfish reasons, I encourage players, both teammates and opposition, in the WoW Legends community, to do the wrong things as much as humanly possible during a match, when Spartan is playing, to influence the data and increase his ratings while increasing his growing pop-culture appeal; which will result in more subscribers and the launch of the future SpartanElite 43 Television Network LLC coming in Fall, 2023.

  14. Spartan, “i have the worst RNG on the planet,” “Here, hold my beer.” I’ll put your RNG against mine any day of the week.

  15. Nicely placed mate when do your live streams start

  16. I just realized that’s me in the Nelson!!! Hopefully I’m even tier next time…

  17. Honestly with how this game has treated me lately I just decided to stop playing but I will always watch your vids,keep it up Spartan!

  18. Ooh a double upload!!! A true blessing!

  19. Yay I made it on a Spartan vid. I was in the Cleveland on the opposite team of you guys I was with monte and HouseDivided42 in the division GG guys

  20. Ggs spartan

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