Mingles with Jingles 391 – Discord Anniversary Live Q&A Edition

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On Sunday morning we hosted a live Q&A on the Salt Mines Discord where I did my best to answer as many questions as possible for nearly two hours. For those of you who missed it, here it is.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/the-salt-mines


  1. FAB Console Gaming

    Best Monday Ever… 1 hour 42 mins of Mingles with Jingles

  2. Didn’t know Jingles’ role model was Uncle Albert from only fools and horses

  3. uss johnston i would of chosen uss enterprise she had the most battle stars of all ships of WW2 and was everywhere but sadly got scrapped she could of become a museum and rightly so i hope they make the current enterprise an museum

  4. Apollo Belarmino

    “I thought Sabaton was a swedish thrash metal band” – M. Jingles

  5. “which ran itself aground off Ayer’s Rock”. Yes, that’d be typical for the Royal Navy 🙂

  6. The Badass Bassist

    Who remembers when Mingles with Jingles was the weekly Q&A?

  7. ToughAncientSpark

    He won’t be in as much shit for leaking restricted documents as much as the person who authorized or allowed him the access to those documents.
    In this case shit does run uphill.

  8. ToughAncientSpark

    These captain skills are like trying to figure out the No Parking signs in cities.

  9. Mr jingles regarding your institutionalised disapproval of the junior service IE: the RAF. As my best mate whom is ex RAF says “at least they have the sense to send the officers to do the fighting” 😀

    • Hmmm bit of a stretch, when I was going through medical for the draft I was told I would be assigned to the reconnaissance force. The staff member did not look amused when I remarked it was good to know I was good enough to die first.

      Also, never served, it was the last draft round and I went to university. Still regret not serving.

  10. 8:00 ‘Did a good job at preserving their warships’. USS Enterprise, most decorated ship in US Navy (and perhaps of all time), instrumental to the winning of the War in the Pacific, starts crying

    • @Kal Taron If you find anything in the history books about the Enterprise that fought the Borg, can you send me the sport results and stock information from that book? Thx! Cheers.

    • @Mad Jack Sorry, I’m pretty sure they glossed over that stuff.
      But I should have a Sports Almanach 1950-2000 lying around somewhere. Would that be of help?

    • @DontPanicVU they planned to save her as a musuem ship. apparently people at the time didnt give enough of a fuck and not enough money was raised to buy her from the navy 🙁

    • @Fubar96 the sailors that served aboard her actually didn’t want her as a museum ship (see the interview at the end of Battle 360 series) due to her decorative history that if she wasn’t in service she should be put to rest

    • I do agree with this comment. First time i cried in a documentary ever

  11. ToughAncientSpark

    Sabaton: Watch Sabaton History, World War Two, The Great War, and TimeGhost History with Indy Neidell!!!!!!!!!

  12. If you look up inrange TV on YouTube, they run 2 gun matches in the USA and work with a group in Finland. They have had Europeans who couldn’t own guns borrow them from other people at the events. They arrange it ahead of time on discord

  13. ToughAncientSpark

    Giancarlo Esposito is also in the Amazon Prime series “The Boys”.
    Great actor.
    Did not realize it until I looked it up, he’s in “The Usual Suspects” movie.

  14. Hey jingles, did you ever replace that ugly ass Wall paper you had in the man cave series?

  15. Could this “not mingles with Jingles” have been published as a fundraiser?

  16. ATL South Productions

    I don’t know if you saw this Jingles, but they found USS Johnston a couple months ago, somehow still in one piece 20,000 feet down. She’s officially the deepest naval shipwreck in history

  17. To anyone attempting to join the discord, and having trouble with the verification, some things to consider, members must have their Discord account registered for longer than 5 minutes to join and must have verified their email.

    Once you have access you must react to the salt mines warden in the #rules channel, then you will have “Rookie” access to the entry levels, Despite our evil nature the salt mines staff are happy to direct you further once you have jumped the above mentioned hurdles.

  18. Wish they would just allow CV’s to be deplaned again,.. so a CV would actually have something to lose when they fly into combined aa bubbles etc.

  19. US Navy ship that should have been saved…SIMPLE USS Enterprise!

  20. I cant like this enough. Jingles is so relatable and down to Earth.

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