Mingles with Jingles Episode 209

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In which I get all excited about incoming British battleships in , and then I see the provisional stats of the higher tier ones and read what it is that makes them “special” and start to get a little worried. I’ve stockpiled hundreds of thousands of free xp for these thing, please don’t let them be shit!

Actually you may be able to help me with that. And then I speculate on what happens when a game starts running out of things it can do to make new units different…


  1. Lol, mine says “No views” XD

  2. honestly the izumo isnt as bad as people think

  3. Why do people hate on the Izumo so much, fully upgraded it’s a decent ship

  4. Duke_Of_Hammertime TV

    If the British BB’s suck, which they probably will because they’re not Russian, just keep saving your Free XP and get the Tier 9 Missouri xD

  5. New Mexico is good ship, Colorado sux… 😉

  6. I predict that UK BBs will be as fucked up at the Cruisers are.

  7. Kamargi Does Stuff

    soo… WG littarly jizzed the screen and the russian tier 10 destroyer was Born? xD

  8. The baltimore is a bad ship
    just like the new orleans before it.
    but its well worth it to get to the Des Moines which is nothing like the previous 3 ships and is infact broken overpowered

  9. jingles are you going to be at next tank fest?

  10. New Mexico is awesome.

  11. As for the high tier german battleships – Flamu’s build makes the fires a non-issue.

  12. oliverreedslovechild

    As someone else said, ” Oh no, it’s that bloody boat game again, noooooooo.” I’ve never skipped through a Jingles vid as quickly as this one. ” Back in the day you used to do 40 minute vids “. Yeah, and back in the day Jingles used to make varied subject Mingles vids, not just single subject ones. This vid belongs on the WoWs playlist, not Mingles with Jingles.
    I realise that now he’s like YT royalty he can’t spend time going through the comments picking out questions to answer in the next weeks Mingles. It would be nice if Jingles sat down and revisited some of his earlier Mingles where he answered questiions, or delved into historical stuff, and thought, ‘ I know, how about I try and replicate some of those and try and make things more interesting to a larger section of my subscribers. Rather than drone on about one game, or even just one part of a game, I’ll do what I promised myself I’d do. I’ll dig up some interesting historical stuff and yack about that among other things. ‘ On this day in history ‘, whether it’s WW1, WW2, or any of the thousands of other conflicts that’ve ocurred over the centuries.’ Some of your old Navy dits made for really good listening, as well as being funny too. I’d be interested in others views on this.

  13. First of all, big fan, love your videos, your lighthearted nature makes me always coming back for more.

    But you accidentally hit the nail in the head for the reason I stopped playing World of Warships. Balance, or lack there of. When you have a developer that heavily bias their game, fail to address that, and make the option for the player an either pay to “be competitive” or just be very very good with the alternatives… it kinda turns me right off. And you showed the classic gamer move. Look for the most “fun ship to play”, that can easily translate to “what are the ships that you can gimmick yourself to a win, making the game tip on your scale more times”. And everyone is guilty of it. I mean, when I got my Cleveland, I specced it heavily in AA, and knew that it was a op firestarter. Was it fun to play with? Yes. Was it fun to play against? Nope.

    And it’s a shame. The idea I had with this game was that they would try to be historically accurate, give it the stats the ship would have in reality, and let the chips fall where they may. And not give each country classes traits they pretty much follow, and a gradual power up every time you tier up. Still enjoy to see the game play, and do keep on the good work.

  14. Aleksandar Stanković

    Aktchually Jingles, the saying “Whichever team has the most (insert ship name here), loses” is tied to the Colorado. I remember you saying it in one of your videos.
    I’ll go back to my salt mine now…

  15. Jingles, Khaba is no longer overpowered (it’s been nerfed to shit), now my Ibuki is better DD than Khaba… having said that I still love playing Khabarovsk

  16. Jingles, I love the WoWS content, but if it’s titled “Mingles with Jingles” I expect more than just WoWS

  17. I loved the New Mexico, The Colorado was total shit.

  18. My name’s Connor and when Jingles said ‘however Connor’ i got seriously spooked haha nearly spilled the Super Noodles I was making!


  20. Yorck is CRAP just Free XP it

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