Mingles with Jingles Episode 298 – “One Ping Only” Edition

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This week, amongst other things, I talk about submarines in World of Warships. First, however, you owe it yourself future generations watch the video at the link. A bucket is recommended.



  1. Boy oh boy do I remember when Jingles once said something along the lines of “you can quote me on this: subs will never come into WoWs.”


    • @RedXlV Just like the cv rework, the firing from smoke change, and any other change they make to the game.

    • @Pickle P do you have any facts of that or is that your opinion?

    • @N00T Have you not noticed the significant reduction in players after the CV rework?

    • @RedXlV Hasnt impacted my queue times, and as far as i know theres no in game method of monitoring active server pop like in WoT.

      As for people not playing after the cv rework, their loss i guess. Hasnt impacted my play that drastically now that theyve severly buffed AA and made other changes to level things out.

    • @RedXlV not even slightly. Or do you have figures showing a sharp drop. Just because you cant handle change doesnt mean to lie about numbers

  2. Can you imagine sailing around at 20 knots?
    -American BB line “ No we can’t “ /end sarcasm

    • @robert goodman That is because you need to learn to sail with the wind at your back. Early USN battleships only used their engines as ballast 😉

    • @Gabriel Dombach I’ll take missing the point of the original post and making it all about me for $500

    • There are a couple of American BB’s with regular speeds in excess of 30 knots, namely Iowa and the premium ship that has a speed boost that takes it near 40 knots for a bit.

    • Yar, very true. But they didn’t start out that way. Only time a New York class BB hit 40 knots she was sinking. 😀

    • If you look at the distance traveled, game time and do the math the ships are really traveling at something like 250km/h.

  3. We will pass through the American patrols, past their sonar nets, and lay off their largest city, and listen to their rock and roll… while we conduct missile drills…….because they cant hydro us.

  4. Crazy idea:

    If they make Hydro detect submarines, since it’s active sonar, not passive, clearly it should also act as a homing beacon for torpedoes. While this could be used to “distract” torpedoes headed for a more valuable target, I doubt most WoWS players would be the sort to take a bullet knowingly.

    • Depending on the torpedo turn rates, maybe you can draw them away without being in the possible path of them?

    • If ships could turn OFF hydro, maybe.

      If you’re a British DD, that’s over 3 minutes of running around without a speed boost with a big “come chase me, torpedo” flag streaming from your fan tail.

      I think the only reason hydro can’t spot subs right now is because only high tier German and British DDs have it. No one else, and light cruisers have no ASW capability right now

    • Maybe it would tell you exactly where you are to submarines!

    • @Tigershark232 that it should absolutely do.

    • Use a island for cover and have them crash into the beach

  5. Who wants to bet the WG will not adjust the MM?:))))))))))))
    And you’ll end up in games with 2-3 subs/team and no DDs…

    • @ainumahtar keep in mind that a destroyer can defend itself pretty stably while capping between both its torpedoes and guns and it is still able to keep track of spotted enemy ships at all times. If a sub is capping, sure they have torps to defend with but only on the front and rear. Unlike a dd which can defend the cap theyr trying to take, a sub would have no choice but to run because it does not have the firepower for a direct engagement, and if they submerged to try and escape and ended up surfacing next to enemy ships? They cant tell who is who from below except from last reported positions according to jingles. Based on all of that, a sub would have to choose to start trying to cap early when its impossible to confuse ships, but thats a dds time to shine so they would be forced to submerge immediately, or wait till the number of enemies is (hopefully) greatly reduced so they can move around submerged with little chance of coming up beside enemies. The problem with the second option is that itll be later in the match ull almost be guaranteed to have mid-low oxygen reserves meaning if u have to submerge again, it wont be very long till your forced back up whether u like it or not. And last i checked i believe oxygen reserves are currently set at a maximum 60 seconds worth so you dont have very long to stay under anyway

    • Personally i feel a great use for subs would be as a escort vessel, providing support to battleships and large cruisers. Then they get to enjoy the safety of a strong buddy while also acting as a striker , using its homing torpedoes to help deal with enemy ships

    • @T Iannone Yes but while submerged they are immune to everything so long as they didn’t trigger a sonar ping so capping is 100% safe for them while submerged since depth charges are currently an automatic thing.

    • They didn’t adjust the MM for wheeled vehicles in Tonks, of course they won’t adjust the MM for subs.

    • @Shining Darkness limited oxygen supply with crappy recharge would make it stupid to spend O2 on capping

  6. I hit like on the mention of explaining to your dad why you were watching girls und panzer

  7. “The Type Five C – the workhors of the german Navy….” Jingles, I guess you mean the Type Seven C “VII” 😉

  8. Didn’t WoWP already show that people don’t like chasing circles in Wargaming games?

  9. MajesticDemonLord

    On a completely related note – the US T10 Sub is the Balao Class…

    Down Periscope anyone?

    I hope to God they can talk Kelsey Grammar into doing a voice over for a Unique Captain Tom Dodge.

  10. Wargaming: “Hydro can’t detect subs.”
    Literally everyone: “This is beyond science.”

    • AI Deep Space Combat Unit 4730 Lexael

      Here’s the thing, though: From what I understand, all of these subs are capable of diving below the typical Thermal Layers and Ducts that they would encounter. And, while a Thermal Layer isn’t a complete defense against active Sonar at any and all ranges, it makes it very difficult to ping a submarine when there’s a very strong Layer between you and the target.
      I’m assuming, then, that World of Warships has decided that Deep depth is below the Thermal Layer, and thus can’t be pinged by Hydroacoustic Search (since, not being Cold Waters, they can’t/don’t really render the environmental effects).

    • But isn’t it detected in a proximity of 2 kilometres, which would be the range of sonars used in first and second world War?
      Also these sonars could not be swung around in order to determine the depth of an detected submarine.
      I think WG isn’t too inaccurate with its implementation of Submarines

    • @EvilTimNum666 it does concerning the sound signature it’ll reflect. Modern submarines have a sound signature of a can- at least German submarines with their new engine have

    • When I saw when they die they can’t be detected I was like what the hell? These things will be so ridiculously fucking broken! Just don’t implement them! I guarantee you bb and cruiser players will just leave and complain until these broken pieces of shit area removed. AND they get these homing torpedoes?

    • Hydro means hydrophones which are literally mics underwater, i think you guys are confusing it with Sonar.

  11. “One ping only” Ahh…. Hunt for Red October… Love that movie

  12. Type Vc? Type 5c?! Type FIVE c!?!?!?

    Also, the Gatos were not the first mass produced submarines. They were the first mass produced *by the US*.

  13. Wargaming “submarines will NEVER be added to WoWs, they’d totally be unbalanced”

    Also wargaming “hey so guess what we’ve added to the game?”

    • @Hiker Dude We used to have those in Randoms too, and they got removed because they were a clusterfuck. Just like subs are looking to be.

    • @Tigershark232 People certainly wouldn’t run the German tanks if mechanical breakdowns were realistic….

    • @N00T There not scoring higher then any class.
      They never did…

      Battleships have literally ALWAYS been the most powerful ships in the game.

      The issue is simple.

      A battleship gets a 300k damage game and peple clap.
      A CV gets a 250k damage game and people riot.

    • @Tigershark232 Your missing the point. They said “Submarines will NEVER be added to WoWs” Why not put in PT/MTBs boats ??

    • @Tigershark232 It’s not that people want simulation levels of realism, don’t be a retard. The problem people have is with suspension of disbelief, some things are just too ridiculous to ignore and they complain about it. A tank getting shot multiple times, fine. A captain being able to improve the performance of a shell, fine. A sub being invisible to the very thing used to detect them???????? People seem to have an issue with that. Just because it’s an arcade game don’t mean that they can do whatever crazy dumb idea they can think of without criticism. I mean WG used to love plastering realism over certain updates, and balance changes, so who wants to talk about realism now?

  14. WG had the good sense to put a shark in the video.
    To finish the job correctly they now need to show WoWS jumping it.

  15. From all the exceptions they are making for subs you would think this game wasn’t designed for it

    • Kind of like the numerous exceptions made for every other class of ship? Like the inability to be able to get full pens on DD’s? the inability to use your full strike squadron in one attack in CV’s?, being able to radar and sonar through islands? Not being able to smoke up in EVERY class of ship?

  16. Слава ленина

    20-30 knots submerged? In other words, the war thunder april fools joke was more immersive.
    Edit: Immersive seemed like a better word than accurate.

  17. German subs: have the biggest oxygen reserve
    USN subs: Recharge oxygen reserves faster than everyone else
    IJN subs: drain oxygen slowly while submerged

    USSR subs: 310mm guns and the ability to bounce depth charges

    Sounds moves FASTER through water than through air. Ergo, sonic pulses would outpace torpedoes by leaps and bounds.

    • Ships staying in the water is the only thing in game that represents any sort of physics…. everything else in the game defy physics

  19. So Elon Musk teleported back in time to give submarines 21st century battery technology so subs could go zoom-zoom.

  20. I think I will stick to Cold Waters for my sub gameplay 🙂

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