Mingles with Jingles Episode 300

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300 episodes of Mingles? This is madness!

And this is a giveaway
Global World of Warships codes for all you lovely people.



  1. great job reaching the 300th episode of mingles with jingles and still being able to keep being interesting to watch. hope you having fun still uploading, lets hope you reach episode 400.

  2. Jingles this is brilliant, congratulations on making it to episode 300…but more importantly when are you going to finish Lone Echo???

  3. Jingles, since im this early its great time to ask this. This is related to the ad apocalypse. Most of your war stories were in those missing episodes. Would you like to make separate bonus series where you could retell those and also tell us new ones. Im sure a lot of your loyal viewers would love that.
    Please upvote if you like this idea so Jingles will see it

    • oliverreedslovechild

      @Zack Akai Mark Felton Productions is a good case in point. His channel, which he only started last year, has just topped 304k subs. It’s increased from about 200k in a matter of weeks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfCKvREB11-fxyotS1ONgww/about

      Mark Felton Productions is a STRICTLY NON-POLITICAL history channel presenting films by leading military historian and author Dr. Mark Felton on a variety of fascinating historical subjects, with particular focus on WWII and the Cold War.
      Mark is a well-known British writer, the author of over 20 non-fiction books, including bestsellers Zero Night and Castle of the Eagles, both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. He has written extensively on Japanese war crimes, POW camps, Nazi war criminals, the Holocaust, famous escapes, Hitler and other Nazi leaders.
      In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries.
      More information about Mark can be found at:


      PS. Oh yeah, and his german pronunciatiion is much much better than Jingles. I’ve never heard him call anyone ” Dave ” :~)

    • Absolutely – Mark Felton always has interesting subjects, but Jingles goes much more in-depth and it always interesting to listen to. He’s a GREAT narrator. I can’t believe the BBC hasn’t signed him on yet.

    • Upvoted! I would also recommend “The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered” (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4sEmXUuWIFlxRIFBRV6VXQ) for a large variety of videos.

    • @Supersizeme, @oliverredslovechild, and @JHNelson4851 … I suggested elsewhere that I’d love to see all three of our esteemed history buffs host a joint video. I think their personalities are just different enough to complement each other.

  4. Woooo congratz on 300 mingles with jingles episodes, i watched all of them since day 1!

  5. Really missed the Cold waters videos, especially the one where you ground along the bottom of the ocean and actually made it back up after flooding

  6. Jingles, when are you going to finish Lone Echo? :-P.

  7. what have i done with my life… said the man that makes tens of thousands of people laugh on a daily basis… i think you did good charlton

    • I agree, for what it is worth Jingles have made a difference. Perhaps not a large difference, but making so many people just that little happier is a lot of good.

    • Yes, that and more. Paul became a family-friendly non-cringey youtuber with a solid reputation and integrity. He uses common sense and always takes time to explain. And who doesn’t love a proper english gentleman talking about tanks, aliens and anime?

    • This, so much this. His video’s helped me through some tough times.

  8. My soon 2 years old babyboy loved these videos when he was only few months old. It took only 5-10 minutes of him listening to Jingles and he fell asleep on my lap.

  9. Ah I remember Jingles playing Alien Isolation. Absolutely the most hilarious thing I have seen on Youtube. Jingles finish the play through please!

  10. I’m just picturing a strange, old, bearded bald man roaming the streets shouting the name of a Second World War Japanese destroyer.

  11. Alternatively, Akizuki just thought “Hm, how should I torture my pet human today?”

  12. Never attribute to malice that which can be easily explained by incompetence 😉

  13. Jingles, you should try a Valkyria Chronicles 4, sort of a XCOM and anime mashup that I think you’d enjoy.

  14. You should try Alien Isolation patched for a VR headset 😀

  15. well then congrats on akizuki finally getting a 10pt captain and getting the concealment expert skill

  16. Hey Jingles, when are you going to finish……

    ….. Mingles with Jingles? 😀

  17. I could hear the emption in your voice jingles when telling about akizuki being lost.
    Congrats on the 300 video.
    Alien Isolation pls, and cold waters.

  18. Δημήτρης Πολάλης

    Hi Mr Jingles, is that your actual WIFI password on the sticker at the photo on 16:20 ?? 😀
    Love your videos btw. 🙂

  19. Looks like Akizuki has learned the concealement expert skill.

  20. So – Akizuki has renamed “Mingles with Jingles” She has called it “Getting Yappy with Pappy”! 😉

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