Mingles with Jingles Episode 306

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Another week, another Mingles with Jingles. If you’re not interested or don’t care about the NordVPN data breach revealed by Tech Crunch, feel free to skip ahead to 17:27

Nord’s Date Breach Statement: https://nordvpn.com/fr/blog/official-response-datacenter-breach/

What Nord Are Doing: https://nordvpn.com/fr/blog/security-plan/



  1. The Jingle effect on those poor NordVPN.

    • First thought, but the breach was ages ago, so wtf Nord, keep your customers in the loop.

    • Jingles, Have you played Doom 2016, and will you be playing Doom Eternal this Xmas?

    • Sammy Hallam p

    • Why in hell would they do that? They’d lose money. I mean, really, if you’re expecting VPN providers to be the most honest guys on the block… remember they kind of promise you anonymity while you’re doing all kind of illegal stuff. Don’t be so naive…

    • Well, given it was sometimes in the first half of 2018, responsible disclosure is usually 90 days and news broke now, 1 1/2 years later I’d say it has nothing to do with Jingles.
      Well OK, they swept it under the rug, Jingles tripped over said rug revealing the dirt.

  2. Jingles, as a joke, do another vid using bandicam again.

  3. Yen Jingles?

    Yen is Japanese.

    Still old and crap as ever.

  4. Nauris Krišjānis

    Have you thought about playing “Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts” ?

  5. Take a drink every time Jingles says “Take it up the a*s from China” 🙂

  6. Oh Jingles, the Yen is the Japanese currency, Chinese have the Yuan.

  7. 36:10 Actually Jingles, the chinese currency is the Renminbi. The Yen ist the japanese currency.

    “shotgun loading” – Oh, ok, back to the salt mines.

  8. The outer worlds is available on the XBOX PC store as well.

  9. Jingles, you massive noob! You can get The Outer Wolds from the Windows store. It’s also on the Xbox PC Gaming Pass subscription, which is basically the best value for money you can get on PC.

  10. Ah, the fine things in life! The smell of coffee early in the morning, the colors of sunset and… evil gnome laughter anytime during the day.

  11. The Jingles Effect Even breaches internet security.

  12. The outer worlds is a awsome game and everyone should be playing it.

  13. Jingles just wants his gnome porn searches to stay secret!

  14. ”All Muslims are bad people” – *The Mighty Jingles 2019*

    That’s tomorrows out of context headlines sorted.

  15. I could have never ever guessed the Jingles Effect had retroactive propierties.

  16. Sounds like the Jingles effect came for NordVPN. Seriously, Lord of Salt Mines, when are you going to use your power for good?

  17. No, Jingles, Todd Howard does not yell hold My Beer, He clearly yell’s hold My double foam no whip soy latte……

  18. “It’s all about the Yen!!”
    “The yen?!?”
    “Forget it, he’s on a roll!”

  19. Friendly reminder since our glorious overlord keeps forgetting:
    This episode of mingles with Jingles is made ad free thanks to the generous donations of those salt miners over at patreon. From all us level 2 salt miners to you generous people, thank you for feeding the gnome Lord 😉

    • He probably shouldn’t remind people of that, given the previous one was also paid for by patreon donators and STILL contained a 20-minutes-long ad 🙂

    • @Gig Anonymous let us say that together they keep us safe from the double ad horror 😀

  20. “Where did it all go wrong?!”

    I’d say, somewhere around Elder Scrolls Online.

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