Mingles with Jingles Episode 307

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Seriously, you spend an entire year complaining that there’s nothing on PC worth playing and then a dozen great games all come along at once. It’s like waiting for a bus!

Jim Sterling speaks!


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Try Control. Would love to see you play through that.

    • Yes! Control was excellent. And might be a better Star Wars game than Fallen Order will be, time will tell.

    • Played it, loved it, wholeheartedly recommend it. It is sometimes buggy and confusing but t felt like it adds to the whole mysterious atmosphere 🙂

  2. Point to note SWTOR came out before EA took full control of the license.

    But to note Jedi : Fallen order is one way or another is going to cause a lot of problems for EA, if it flops ea are likely to loose more money and share price conversely if it it great and sells well it will show EA lied and single player games work and their share price will take a hit. They have really screwed themselves

    • Jingles, have you played 2016 Doom, will you play Doom Eternal when it comes out?

    • I still enjoy playing SWOTOR. It’s very fun.

    • The problem with SWTOR as somebody who swaped from WARCRAFT right away to play it was, they launched an unfinished game.

      By time the game was in a working and good manner 70% of people who pre-ordered it had already left, because bugs were MASSIVE.
      Leveling story bugs made some missions undoable for up to a week, Raid bosses just completely bugged out and weren’t killable until the next reset and there wasn’t much of a raid on launch.

      Swtor needed another 3-4 months being worked on before release.

      By time it got sorted everyone had given up and gone back to wow.. as bad as Cata was there weren’t crippling bugs.

    • @IronVader That doesn’t mean they can’t work.

    • @Andrew Manson They never said they can’t Work.

  3. always gets me to sleep when I’m up at 4am, thanks Jingles! I rewatch them later for real when I’m not half asleep.

  4. “let me start this with a complaint” spends whole vid explaining complaint…….Oh jingles dont change……

  5. according to wikipedia:
    Steel division 1 is published by paradox
    Steel division 2 is self published
    have a nice day

  6. SW: EAW (+forces of corruption),1960 hours on steam , I wonder why I ‘m still here.

    • I love FoC. Tyber Zahn, Droidika, Vengance-class frigates…
      Just a shame you can’t play a proper (there are mods) campaign as the Empire. Timothy Zahn’s ‘Thrawn’ deserves more screen time.

  7. You’ve really embraced this console peasant lifestyle then huh? :-p

  8. “How am I supposed to manage?” As my boss say Jingles – work harder

    • I remember him saying he sees a substantial dip when he does a non-WoT or non-WoWS video, but those are mostly background noise to me. For my part, I’m far more interested in the Casual Saturday and whatever-he’s-been-playing Wednesday (“Whatever Wednesday”? “Wednesday Mixer”? I dunno) videos.

    • “Whatever Wednesday”… I like that!

    • Thats sounds way more demanding than it should. Do as you please master. 😀 *scuttles back to the saltmine*

  9. Jingles completely forgets Subnautica: Below Zero being released this year.

  10. Ah, Planescape Torment, the one city in the entire greater planes of existence of the Forgotten Realms Sigil, where the ruler has the power to bar greater gods, goddesses from her realm. The Lady of Pain doesn’t take fools lightly.

    Where you can have a succubus who’s taken a vow of celibacy, running a brothel for the slacking on intellectual lusts.

    Yes, really.

  11. Holy shit, someone else knows what Star Wars Rebellion is!

  12. Jingles … you remembered Rebellion!! Ye gods, I loved that game. If only the Steam version didn’t crash when going into combat scenes.

  13. I stay with my policy, not even a penny for EA!

  14. “…the list goes on and on.”

    Jiiiiiiingleeeeees. Don’t you forget about-

    “Oh, and let’s not forget Republic Commando.”

    *Happy clone noises.*

  15. Oh Jingles… I guess Ill do it for you again 😉
    This episode of mingles with Jingles was made ad free by the generous donations of the miners over at patreon. Thanks guys ^^

  16. Mighty Overlord! You might take a look at Ultimate Admiral : Dreadnoughts. It’s (another) bloody boat game. 🙂

  17. Look at ultimate admiral: dreadnought. Looks like a good game in the making

  18. To paraphrase Yahtzee Crowshaw from way back in 2013, it would not be a storefront providing access to something I want, it would be a storefront holding something I want hostage until I gave it my Wi-Fi password and credit card details.

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