Mingles with Jingles Episode 309

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Do not adjust your sets, this episode IS over an hour long, you lucky, lucky people.



  1. That Royal Navy story reminds me of the first 20 or so episodes of MwJ

  2. I had to check twice tp see if my tired eye deceived me
    O N E F U C K I N G H O U R ?
    Is this for all the late year shifts in the salt mine?

  3. Artisto81 AKA Meong Garong

    Yaaaay It’s Mingles with Nord VPN again…

    Or not.

  4. when he was talking about the dodgy RDR2 PC launch I just knew another fallout 76 kicking session was coming

    • Евгений Левченко

      It ain’t dead yet, let’s keep beating!

    • Anyone who played GTA 4 and/or 5 on PC knows that Rockstar can’t do ports right at release days, it took weeks to fix them. They both were a nightmare at launch with mouse-/keyboard-controls and had freezes/CTDs.

  5. Username McUsernameFace

    Am I the only one who still expects the 1941 theme to play when I click Mingles?

  6. You mean I need to buy and play Jedi: Fallen Order? But then I’ll need to forgive EA for killing my beloved C&C.

  7. “Actually Jingles” I’m not really confident in this but I seem to recall playing Diablo, Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 had the loot drop colour coding first. (Presented in order of which I played prior to WoW)

  8. The only reason your doing unplugged is because you posted the first episode not realizing your microphone was not plugged in!

  9. Oh.. Jingles admitting to be a walking security breach.. why am I not surprised. 😛

  10. He’s old ,he’s naval and he has his own hat…….. and he’s free on w,o,ws

  11. WWOOOOTT!!! Attention on Deck!!! Admiral Jingles, Arriving!!! The Mighty Overlord in finally in WoWS!!!

  12. Rear Admiral Jingles has just been announced on the World of Warship Channel!!!

  13. Jingles: ” sometimes I have to go back and re-edit the commentary…”
    Still gets the name/class of ships wrong sometimes in WoWs vids 🙂

  14. I loved that whole rant with the oranges and apples analogy XD

  15. BREAKING NEWS: Captain Jingles is now finally available in World of Warships!

  16. “I understood dying was part of the game” Well done Jingles, that’s all you need to know to try Dark Souls.

  17. My answer to the questions of the “Why can’t I do ……?” is usually: “Because that would be too easy.”

  18. Me: *Checks video length*
    Mingles with Jingles: THE MOVIE

    • +Infernos Gaming
      Definitely has the product placement appropriate to modern day film. Did you know it took 12 YEARS TO MAKE?!

  19. My favorite mingles of 2019!

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